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Kevin Pennell's

1959 Chevrolet 1-Ton

Update from Kevin

    (Kevin was up for about 6 hours one night "tweeking" the site ... somewhere about mid-thought ... he decided to send an update on Beatrice ... probably needed some "constructive" (rather than "destructive" thought-processing!) --- 09/99

    Off subject (I don't know what the subject is, but, whatever it is, I'm off it!) but I'm also enclosing an updated photo of "Beatrice", my 59'. It's a daytime shot which "really" shows just what she looks like first thing in the morning! Yeegads! Did that while I was thinking about it. Sorry, weird things happen in the middle of the night around here!

    Enclosed, (Since you asked) is a picture of my pride and joy, a 1959 Apache 38 with the original NAPCO 4x4 conversion.

    Her name is "Beatrice," and though mostly folk's would say she's a little "R-u-f-f," I like to think she has "Character and Charisma." She's not quite original... The rust didn't come from the factory!! With her Old 235 Thriftmaster (95 peak horsepower NEW!) and 5.14 gears, her top end is 45 - 50MPH, on the way to the bottom after driving off a cliff!!! But... She can climb a Christmas Tree, or drag a condominium around the block, slowly!!! One added bennie is that people park well clear of her at the supermarket... Wonder why??? Anyhow, Here she is, in all her glory!!! Enjoy!


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