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Bart Owens'

1940 1/2-Ton Pickup

From Bart:
    "The truck in the photo belonged to my wife's grandfather. I saw it on his ranch about 31 years ago and I fell in love with it so I asked Chris to marry me. We are still married and I finally got my hands on the truck in 1990.
    "Like you, I am simply a truck enthusiast. I love old trucks and can not go by them without close inspection. I do not care if they are stock as long as they are not a hot rod. I especially love old work trucks that are still working. Anyway, my truck is a 1940 and I thought you should call me part of your informal organization of '39-'40 truck owners.
    "My truck was always used to haul feed and pick up an occaisional dead sheep on the ranch. It is very stock except I painted it all green as her grandfather had used a paint brush to do it in green when it needed its second paint job. I also lightened up the interior color. Otherwise, it is all original, including the the original "scripted" tail gate and mud guards under the engine (216 CID). Thanks for listening. Keep up the good work."

    Thanks, Bart! And thanks for the stunning photo of your beautiful truck (too bad my scanner couldn't do it justice). Welcome to the Web!