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Yup, we said, "throughout the year." CafePress (The Hoo-ya Shoppe) started setting up the 12 month calendars so that you can pick which ever month you want to start with. This has helped us by relieving the pressure in November and December to get calendars done before the first of the new year. Hopefully, it will also help you keep the calendars in mind when you have an oh-so-pretty setting with your old Bolt that is just picture perfect. Send it in! (Here are the image requirements.)

As the submissions come in, we line them up in a variety of themes (Big Bolts, Working Bolts, Panels & Burbs, Grilles, etc.). When we get a new one finished, we'll let you know (just like we do with Gallery additions).

Another nice thing about this feature, we can keep the older calendars in the Shoppe (especially the themed ones). We get new people coming to the site every day, so the older calendars will be new to them. Putting them all in the Bolt Bucket for a slideshow will give you a chance to see all of the truck images before you decide which one(s) you want!

Click on the link or image for each one to see the slideshow of all the trucks in that calendar. To order, click here for the calendar section in the Hoo-ya Shoppe.

This is what's new in 2016

General Stovebolt Calendar One -- A nice collection of old trucks from a variety of years.

General Stovebolt Calendar Two -- Another good collection of trucks from various years.


Under Virginia Skies -- This calendar was done from pictures that were taken at a GABfest with the Old Dominion Stovebolt Society. A fun calendar, with the truck and their owners.

The Sixties -- Trucks from 1960 - 1966. The second most popular truck years on the site. We've got a request to come up with a "dash two" for this year -- so if you've got a good 60-66 truck (check the criteria), send it in!

Still Available

The Power of 1 -- The 1-tons of Stovebolt. This was fun to introduce in 2015 since we had a good resource in the Tons O' Fun forum.

The Jimmys of Stovebolt - Re-done in 2015 with 12 great GMC trucks We have had a steady stream of GMC trucks come into the Gallery, so this could use a "dash two" also!


Panels & Burbs - Our 2015 calendar. P&Bs submitted in 2016 are in the General truck calendars (until we get enough to do a "dash two").

Big Bolts - From 2015, we have 12 months of those big boys. This is another popular forum so we just need to gather up some good photos!


As we said, we are always looking for good trucks. Here are some of the themes we have in progress (it takes a while to get 12 good shots):

  • Grilles/front ends -- This is an impressive collection we have so far. If we can't get enough for a calendar, we may try a poster.
  • From the rear view -- We've been picking these images up from Gallery submissions mostly.
  • Bolts at Work -- We had this one for several years and want to update to some new images.
  • Beauty - The Eye of the Beholder -- Trucks that are just beginning their restoration.
  • Before and After -- We've seen so many trucks completed and amazingly transformed. It replaces the old It Ran When I Parked It calendar -- since these babies are now tooling down the highway and looking good!
  • Task Force trucks -- guess?
  • If you have a group from the site that would like to have their own calendar (like the ODSS has), gather them up! (Need 12 shots)

So if you've got something worth sending in, do it!

For some help on taking a really good photo, check out our photography tips article by Jerry "AgriHawg" Fendley.


Here's what we need for a calendar photo:

  • Digital image should be minimum 200 dpi and 1725 x 1350 pixels (9" x 12").
  • Make sure the picture shows the majority of your truck -- a little space on all sides helps to keep it from bleeding off the page. If your image has a bumper at each edge of the photo, it's too wide ... need to step back. Check the pictures in the slideshows and you'll see what we mean.
  • The best format is .jpg.
  • If you do not have access to a digital image, mail your photograph to Stovebolt, 41370 Friendship Court, Mechanicsville, MD 20659-3853.
  • Keep in mind the portrait of your truck. Some of the nicer images are taken in fields, near barns, on a vacant street, some great sky or color in the background. That's a much better shot than your truck next to the Walmart cart return island.
  • When taking the picture, keep in mind whether you want your license plate displayed and let us know.
  • We need your first and last name, the model year and make of the truck. If it's a family, group shot, include the names of the people in the photo.
  • We need a valid e-mail address. We may need to contact you regarding your submission.
  • Send all that information to If the email bounces, send it to Paul can handle bigger bytes than we can.



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