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The Stovebolt Page New Stuff -- September 2007       

It's a "Never-ending Newsletter"

In this issue

Stovebolters Gather
Some good story telling : two good sagas
Bendix Hydrovac Overhaul Tech Tip
Some big thanks - and a big surprise!
Geek Report - new forum software in the works
Mailbag - Congratulations to VT winner - Stovebolt Wickepedia
September Gallery Additions
Some Stovebolt Stats

As it is close to the season, let's sing:

O lutefisk, O lutefisk, how pungent your aroma.

O lutefisk, O lutefisk, you put me in a coma.

: : Stovebolters gather : .



Click on the pictures for a BIG view (with names)! *

   3rd Annual Stovebolt Reunion in Kansas City, MO - All Truck Nationals. Check in the Events forum for more details of the weekend. And check in the Stovebolt Photobucket for LOTS more pictures!
Stories to follow
   2nd Annual GABfest in Winchester, VA -- ATHS Tri-State Truck Show. Check in the Events forum for more details of the weekend at Camp Stovebolt. And check in the Stovebolt Photobucket for LOTS more pictures!

Ed Blouch again leads the group and volunteered to add the names to the faces. He's done a great job. As of this printing, there are a few names from the KC Reunion that are not identified.

Click on the small image above, to a bigger image. As you mouse-over the face, the name will pop up. If it has a "Who Am I?" post, can you email Ed, so he can finish up this project?

Thanks ~~ Editor

       Lonny "Avette4me" Smith thought Joe "TooMany2count" Weimer didn't talk enough in KC. So, Joe sent this joke along so folks won't forget him ~~ a quiet, shy dude.

       Out of the mouths of babes ... A 10 year old dog named "Belker" had cancer. The vet went to the family's home to put the dog out of its misery in its own home. The parents thought Shane, their four year old son, should witness the experience to help get closure on the pet's death.

       After the euthanasia procedure, the vet wrote: "We sat together for a while after Belker's death wondering aloud about the sad fact that animal lives are shorter than human lives. Shane, who had been listening quietly, piped up "I know why."

       Startled, we all turned to him. What came out of his mouth next stunned me. I had never heard a more comforting explanation. He said, "Everybody is born so they can learn how to live a good life - like loving everybody and being nice, right? Well, animals already know how to do that, so they don't have to stay as long."


: :  : :  : :  : : : :  : : : :  : : : :  : : : :  : : : :  : : : :  : :

: : Some good story telling : .
Two great sagas

The Future has Two Paths

By Lisa Clement
Bolter #3548
Millwood, Manitoba

It starts with a Show 'N Shine invitation

       This story starts out in February of 2007 when one Stovebolter (Lisa Clement, Tempest #3548) contacted another Stovebolter (Jim Carter, Jcarter #11894) to invite him to a local area Show 'N Shine that was set for later on in the summer.  As it turned out, Tempest and Jcarter lived only 80 miles apart (traveling time of an hour and a half). 

       Since that first invite, these two emailed back and forth quite regularly discussing trucks, cars, family, auto shows and the like.  Now, I don't know if you believe in coincidences, but there ended up being a number of small things that were startlingly similar between these two Bolters -- things that emerged the more they discussed. They both had daughters with the same first and middle names (though different birthdays). They both had an interest in not only the same series of truck, but both owned the same size of trucks (2-ton Chevy - Tempest and her partner Mike have a 1945 Chevy and Jcarter has a 1946 Chevy grain truck).  Tempest and Mike own 2 Snow Cruisers which are vintage snowmobiles.  Jcarter took one of his first snowmobile rides on a Snow Cruiser and his wife's father still has one parked in his shed.

      Read on


Can't keep a Stovebolter still ~~ The Great Corvette Adventure

By Steve VandenBerg
Bolter # 6449
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

        With the first utterance of the IRWIPI - Triple Dog Dare adventure, I told 'Bolters on the forum about my 1969 Corvette that I drove back from California (what I did for my summer vacation). This Corvette Adventure happened a few years ago. This is a nice long read that I hope you will enjoy. And as with all things, I will start at the very beginning.

        In March of 2004, I took a week long vacation to Springtown, Texas to see and work with my Uncle Carl (for those of you who followed the Triple Dog Dare Adventure, you KNOW all about Uncle Carl -- everyone needs an Uncle Carl -- I'd like two please ~~ Editor) . Uncle Carl builds hotrods and retro rods, and does some restorations. I had interest in starting to work on cars and pickups here in South Dakota. I thought it might be an eye-opening experience for me to actually see some of Uncle Carl’s work.

        Uncle Carl showed me how to graph a Nova sub frame to a 1956 Chevy frame. I thought that was a lot of fun. Uncle Carl and I talked a lot about cars and he shared some of his conventional wisdom about cars throughout the week. We worked on a 1957 Chevy that he was restoring and discussed his other projects at as much length as we could.

       Read on


: :  : :  : :  : : : :  : : : :  : : : :  : : : :  : : : :  : : : :  : :


Overhauling your Bendix Hydrovac Brake System




        I've seen several posts in the forums with questions about the old Bendix Hydrovac units and there's a substantial lack of information available on how they work and how to service them. It's a pretty neat unit. You CAN get the kits for these units. I had to email a dozen places before I got anywhere and most places wouldn't even email me back. They pop up on eBay now and again. But for the price of a kit, versus what they want to rebuild them, I'd rather save some money and do it myself. It's not real hard. Actually, if your up for it, it's pretty fun.

Read on

Jeff Erickson
1947 GMC COE 1.5-ton | 1953 Chevy 3100
Bolter # 10264 | Kingston, Washington

        Jeff did a great job with this Tech Tip. Lots of pictures and a fantabulous initial diagram. And everytime we try to thank HIM for this, he comes back with this:

        "It feels good to contribute to something which I've learned so much from!  Thanks again for all your hard work with the site, Jeff"






: : We've got some big thanks to pass around : .
You all sure help to make this fun by showing how much you care about keeping it going!

        First we want to tell you that we are finally able to divulge the most gracious donor of all these neato prizes for the last few years. None other than (and you never would have guessed)

Mike "DAKOTA" Jordanger

        Mike has been sending us a bunch of assorted parts and what-nots to use for various prize give aways (including the IRWIPI contest). In the past two years, we've been using them in the "prize toss" when we have our GABfests.

        So what's he get for all this? Well, a super-duper home-made rag bag! Yea, I know it sounds pathetic (but I like MINE) but what do you give a guy who had access to all these cool things to start with. Everyone needs a rag bag. Right? Thanks to Donna "My Truck" Oehm for getting this picture --> from the Kansas City Reunion!

        In September, we've had these folks make donations to keep us chugging along:

Woogeroo, Mark Smith and Lori Ann "Lori66" Spencer (not only donors ... but these guys are volunteer staffers)
Alvin "AChipmunk" Parris - his ninth donation Steve (JIMBO59CHEVY) Giminiani -- his eighth donation (he's gonna catch up with Alvin)
Warner "Cvett" Ettenger | Mike "49 geezer" Stark | Richard (Richard G) Gallahue | Jason (liljay) Vassas
Trev (37ChevyTruckGuy) Jensen | Jacob (V-6 Fix Modelman) Groby | Barry Weeks
Doug (midnight auto parts) Moretz | Wade (Wade in NW Florida) Herod | Deljeanne (Dej) Barreda
Steve "JIMBO59CHEVY" Giminiani
-- his seventh donation
George "Wrenchbender Ret" Capito | Mike Rocheleau | Jim (Jim Bow) Bowman -- their second donations
Sabrina (Sab) Iturbe -- her third donation
Jeff "Rusty Rod" Backus -- his fourth donation
Don "Down2sea" McLendon -- his sixth donation
Phil Pierce, Sr. (TrknGMC's Dad gave us a donation while at the GABfest in Winchester!)
And Two Business Donations: American Classic Truck Parts

        And if you haven't checked the "Thanks page," we have some "giving back" to our "givers!"  Jim Carter Classic Truck Parts is giving a 10% discount to these folks who have made a financial contribution to the 'Bolt. We will send you the "discount code" to to use when you order from JC! Rebel Wire -- Basic harness kits built by hand (in America with American components) is giving a 15% discount for Stovebolt Supporters. Call Glenn (618.395.8216) after 5 pm Central Time to request the "Stovebolt Supporter's discount."

: :  : :  : :  : : : :  : : : :  : : : :  : : : :  : : : :  : : : :  : :

: : Report from the Geek : .
Time for another upgrade ... let's get that forum up to speed!!

      Our forum software is over six years old and although it was pretty cutting edge at the time, it certainly is no longer. There are some features that would be cool on the USERS side (like the number of visits to a thread, not just the number of posts), but there are even MORE tools that will make it easier for the volunteers (moderators and administrators) to do their jobs.

      I have been checking the UBB version 7 new release and also the vbulletin software. UBB had some serious security problems problems in the past but they have not had a single issue since version 7 was released. They completely rewrote the application so that everything gets thoroughly checked before the data is added to the database.

      We purchased the initial UBB license in 2001 for $60. Because of the size of the Forums, the need for good security, I'd recommend we get the Gold License, which is a lifetime license plus five hours of advance support which will help us in setting it up and importing all the old threads. The cost of the Gold License is $525.

      With the Gold, we will have access to essential upgrades and patches to mitigate any future security issues, which come up routinely. This forum relies on both PHP and mysql, both of which have ongoing security issues that must be dealt with.

      When we are ready for the upgrade, I don't foresee any problems (other than withdraw from our Bolters ). We might be able to run both forums side by side, so if something goes wrong, we can always revert to the original forum until I sort it out.

      We'll leave the design aspects to John. We'd like to move on this as soon as possible. Peggy may prefer to be away for the day when all this goes down. Ohh!! Bad choice of words. When all this starts HAPPENING! Big thanks to Don DOWN2SEA McLendon for his help in researching the forum software choices!

      Besides this news, the new server is one year old September 28. Working good and keeping all these bytes moving.

: :  : :  : :  : : : :  : : : :  : : : :  : : : :  : : : :  : : : :  : :

: : Mailbag : .

      "Thanks so much for the welcome message. Can't tell you folks how much information and enjoyment I've received from your site. Congratulations on a first rate effort.

: . George "geoscot" Scott

: :  : :  : :  : : : :

      "By the way, thanks a lot from an ol’ wrench fetcher, this has got to be one of the best sites I’ve ever been to. You all working on this site are the best ever! Thanks a lot!!

: . Ed "fredoly" Foley
1956 Chevy 1/2-Ton Shortbed

: :  : :  : :  : : : :

      "Thanks very much [for the Gallery write-up].  I was pleased that the truck photos and story will be shared.  I remember the first time I discovered this site and all the great photos. The inspiration and the fellowship I felt from the Stovebolt site and its members was like someone had just invited me to move into a neighbourhood of old Chevy truck guys and we now all live on the same street.

      "Thanks to Stovebolt Staff & members for your time and consideration.

: . Vic Leger
1959 Canadian Chev 1300 AD Shortbox


: : Congratulations : .

Mike Egan
De Pere, Wisconsin

      Mike has won the free subscription to Vintage Truck magazine for August!

      New or re-new here and you will have a chance to win. One every month!

      Thanks to Vintage Truck magazine for having this project to support the old truck hobby! (We got a chance to meet Vicki McClellan, the VT marketing person, at the Winchester truck show. She even came and joined us at Camp Stovebolt! She invited Stovebolters to their show in Ohio next year. Would be coolamundo! Plus Ed Blouch won't have as far to drive!)

      And just an FYI on the free subscription. Your chances of winning?? Well, we get maybe three of four subscriptions from this link. So, if you are thinking about trying the mag, you might want to sign up here.

       In August we only had five so each person had a GREAT chance to win!

: :  : :  : :  : : : :  : : : :  : : : :  : : : :  : : : :  : : : :  : :

: : Generally Cool Info : .

             As our Stovebolt Geek (Paul Schmehl) was cruising around the 'Net, he came across this cool bit of info. On the Wikipedia site, if you type in "Stovebolt" you get some fairly good information (stuff we discussed and debated here for 12 years). Jack Nerad's link is an especially interesting read on the History of the Stovebolt Six. And then you've got US!!! We're listed as one of their "external references." Shaaa-zaaam! Is that cool or what? (Don't answer!). Actually, what will be cooler is when John gets to finish the History of the site and we can post THAT as a stand alone article in Wikipedia! Go John!!

: :  : :  : :  : : : :  : : : :  : : : :  : : : :  : : : :  : : : :  : :

: : The Gallery : .
New additions in September

Some Stovebolt Stats
We are still hitting in the big numbers

             For those of you who like to see how things are shaking around here, to our surprise we have been tracking in the 6 million hits since the beginning of the year.

Hits: The total number of files requested from the server.
Bytes: The amount of information transferred in filling those requests.
Visits: The (approximate) number of actual individual visitors.
PViews: The number of Web pages viewed by those visitors.

Hits Bytes Visits PViews Month
7,350,201 91,167,494,873 192,458 1,791,088 Jan 2007
6,780,320 82,487,184,883 175,678 1,546,440 Feb 2007
7,234,535 91,974,858,570 191,599 1,685,911 Mar 2007
6,808,144 81,576,762,372 182,514 1,615,808 Apr 2007
6,448,205 77,486,792,117 186,513 1,520,814 May 2007
6,002,575 73,466,273,925 203,045 1,491,426 Jun 2007
6,386,557 75,244,185,170 210,353 1,577,926 Jul 2007
6,851,532 82,455,199,680 191,037 1,641,329 Aug 2007
6,455,813 78,929,027,761 182,009 1,525,342 Sep 2007

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