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The Stovebolt Page New Stuff -- August 2007       

It's a "Never-ending Newsletter"

In this issue

Stovebolt Third Reunion in Kansas City
New in the Forums ~ Craigslist and Graemlins
Stovebolt Photobucket set up
New Hoo-ya for the BC Bolters
A SUPER big thanks
Winner ~ Vintage Truck subscription
New Links
Mailbag ~ Some Cool Info from the Geek
The Gallery ~ A few
words for you

We're going to Kansas City

Kansas City here we come!

Our Third Stovebolt Reunion
The All Truck Nationals, Kansas City


Stovebolters prepare to meet again
September 7, 8 and 9 in Kansas City at Riverfront Park, Riverside, MO

        Hop in your truck (or whatever ride you choose ~ even if it's an airplane) and come visit with your fellow Bolters. If your truck can't make it (and many of us are in that category), come, bring your family and pictures of your truck! Trust us ... you will see PLENTY of Stovebolts there!

Stovebolt Reunion

The Story

    Well, it IS a little late than never!! When working on this story and checking some notes from last year's notice, I NOTICED I never finished the story from the 2006 Reunion.

    So ... it's finally done, read all about it. It was so great to put some faces to these people we had *known* for many years! What a great time.

    Can not wait for this year's Reunion. If you are close-by (or even not), come join us. It's really a great time. And we know it'll get better every year.

        Steve "KCMongo" Mosley (our HiPo forum moderator) is the Director of Operations for the show again this year. So, he's reserved a nice spot ("The Stovebolt Garage" -- a 10 X 20 pipe and tarp carport looking tent) for us to all gather. Gaileen (Club President) is making up our name tags!

        Check out the Stovebolt Forums to see who's coming. As of this writing, we are up to 38 people and 16 trucks. Some Bolters are coming in as early as Thursday (most are coming in on Friday) and the show starts Saturday morning. Looks like most are living on Sunday.

        Some of our gang are bringing their trucks, spouses, kids. Some are driving in, others flying. So far, it looks like most are staying at the American Inn (details in the forum); some live nearby. The Inn itself has a restaurant and bar, and KCMongo says we'll end up there after the cruise on Saturday night for Karoke. As of this writing, the American Inn has donated us a party room! Now, Mongo us hunting down some chow! Awesome!

P R I Z E S -- some of them        We are still working on Stovebolt plans. Scott "48bigtrucks" Ward is coordinating Friday afternoon / evening. We'll have a quick meet and greet and then cruise over to Jack Stacks BBQ. We've got a reservation for 30 so far. After the chow, we'll head to the park for the official Welcome and Concert.

        Saturday we'll have a variety of things to do. The Show's schedule is in blue / our plans (so far) in red:

         8:00-2:00 - Registration 8:00 - Meet and greet at the Stovebolt Garage
        10:00-4:00 - Judging (Judging will be Saturday only)
        10:00 - Model contest opens
        12:00 - High/Low Contest 12:00 - Dessert at the Stovebolt Garage
         1:00 - Loud Exhaust Contest 1:00 - Prize time and group photo!
         2:00 - Burn Out Contest
         5:00 - Line up to Cruise to a local cruise night
5:00 - We'll cruise over with them ... afterwards it's Karoke at the American Inn - with eats!

         We'd like to do a few things Saturday or Sunday (another tour of Jim Carter's place, the ATHS Zoe James' museum). Keep watching the forum for details and check out the pictures from last year.

      Be sure to let our folks know you are coming ... might be an encouragement for others to make the trek. Feel free to post if you are looking to hitch a ride with someone "going your way."

       For information about the actual Truck show, check out the show's web site for details. It's loaded with info -- schedules, registration, flyers, classes, maps, hotel information, entertainment, history, contests (burnout, loud exhaust, high/low, model), forum, links and contact information.

        The truck show is sponsored by the Genuine Chevy GMC Truck Club of Kansas City to support the US Marine Corps' Toy for Tots program. A toy donation gets you in the show. (You'll need to register on their site if you plan to enter your truck for judging -- last year, several of our Bolters won trophies (check the story).

       Last year's All Trucks Nationals truck show netted more than $10,000 in toys!

E H Young Riverfront Park, Kansas City, MO      The show is held at Riverfront Park, a large and newly designed park (see the image at right) with permanent shelters, bar-b-que grills and tables, an amphitheater, play equipment for the children, and a great view of the Kansas City skyline. The large amount of space and the permanent shelters affords us Stovebolters our own space for an "event within the event."

      We were going to say "Time is short" -- but hey! Even if you wait until the last minute -- do come!!


New in the Forms

In the Swap Meet -- we've added Craigslist in with the eBay listings !

      He cracks his wip and hollars out, "Can we add Craigslist to the eBay links listing in the Swap Meet?" Quickly I scurry to make it happen. The Zookeeper waits with great anticipation. And waits and waits. (Good thing this wasn't a tiger attack.) But, it's finally there. So, you've got something cool or interesting that's Stovebolt-related that you've found on eBay AND / OR Craiglist, as John says, "Share the love" and post it here!


And to help with your communication skills ...

      No, sorry. No dictionary (that's got to be on your computer ... or hopefully when we upgrade the UBB software). But we do have more graemlins!




Stovebolt Photobucket!
We've got a place to park our pictures!

     Thanks to recent donations, and the idea and help from Tim Lederman and Bill LePage, we have created a Stovebolt Photobucket account (with no ads!) so that we can get all these GABfest pictures into one spot, accessible to all! This is a pretty big project, but so far we've got some of the Kansas City 2006 photos, and the Winchester BeerFest photos in there. (If you can help identify some of the photos, let us know! )

       If you've got an event to add, please let us know so that we can get you logged in there. Eventually this will lead to re-doing the old Events page to include the doings over the past few years. We've got stuff scattered here and there - most things are listed in the Events forum. But we'll try to get it more organized. I know we'll be ready for Kansas City 2007!

      Thanks to all who helped with this!

Something New in the Shoppe
BC Bolters creating their own look !

        Keith "Workinonit" Bevan is a true Stovebolter with the patience of Job!! He wanted to get some shirts made for the BC Bolter gang.

        After some emails back and forth (getting the images correct), we were all set to go. Then Peg lost the .jpg (I'm sure it's still in here someplace ). But no worries ... Keith sent it again and since he had done the HARD part, we made up a whole shoppe full of BC Bolter stuff!

         Is this cool or what? If you'd like to see all the stuff available, come check it out in the Hoo-ya shoppe (behind the cabinet). And if you want something customized, just let us know.

        Keith Bevan has a 1942 Chevy 3/4-Ton Stakebed in our Gallery. We really appreciate him taking the time to do this! Would love to get a photo (hint, hint) with some of the BC Bolters in this great-looking attire some day ...


You are Super -- we cannot thank you enough
You are keeping this place running!

        For over a year, we've been talking about the NEED for getting an Uninterrupted Power Supply. And we talked about it again last month and some of the riders of the IT Shortbus gave me some good suggestions. During the first week of August, Stovebolt HQ experienced an incredible heat-wave which included regular brown-outs and black-outs. Work on Stovebolt withered up like the grass around here. Four days of incredible frustration!

        So, jumping out on a limb, we got a UPS as suggested. We also got a desperately needed external hard-drive. We'll be able to take Stovebolt HQ with us, since everything will be backed up on the F-drive. (Burning what I thought was the most important information onto CD's was taking up a LOT of time. So, I had not backed up anything since early 2006!)

        We'd like to send a big thanks yet again to those who have made financial contributions to the site, which is helping to make life at HQ much easier. It was last year in July and August, some of our Bolters raised over $3100 to cover a second server in Texas to handle the volume explosion we were experiencing. Many folks on the site, (besides just John, Paul and Peggy (NO, not RINGO!!) thank you all VERY much!

You STOVEBOLTERS are SUPER!        So, far in August, here are those SUPER folks who have dug into their pockets to help get this Stovebolt rabbit running:

Alvin (AChipmunk) Parris - this is donation #8! That's one every month!
Steve (JIMBO59CHEVY) Giminiani has made donation #5. ("I will catch         that little Chipmunk!" )
Terry (27 Capitol) Kirberger
Charlie (cletis) Hardin
Larry (Cannonball) Canterbury
Mike Rocheleau -- his #2
Lori Ann (Lori66) Spencer - her #2

        And if you haven't checked the "Thanks page," we have some "giving back" to our "givers!"

      Jim Carter Classic Truck Parts is giving a 10% discount to these folks who have made a financial contribution to the 'Bolt. We will send you the "discount code" to to use when you order from JC!

      Rebel Wire -- Basic harness kits built by hand (in America with American components) is giving a 15% discount for Stovebolt Supporters. Call Glenn (618.395.8216) after 5 pm Central Time to request the "Stovebolt Supporter's discount."


Congratulations to

Blacksburg, South Carolina

      He has won the free subscription to Vintage Truck magazine for July!

    New or re-new here and you will have a chance to win. One every month!

      Thanks to Vintage Truck magazine for having this project to support the old truck hobby!

      And just an FYI, we get maybe three of four renewals from this link. So, if you are thinking about trying the mag, you might want to sign up here. In July we only had three so each person had a GREAT chance to win!



New Links
We've got over 600 in the Lots O' Links Section



             "I have to thank you for a great web site. I don't post often but I check the forums most every day and always look forward to the new additions to the Gallery. I'm hooked on these trucks. ~ George Page (1950 Chevy 3100)

             "Ever since I was a kid, I have wanted a truck just like this. I would be happy to just drive it the way it is." (This was in Walt Taft's Gallery submission -- his 1941 Chevy 3/4-Ton Pickup.)

             "This comment made in the Gallery posting has inspired me to go forward and not be so critical and down on my rebuild when it's not looking even close to other restorations. ~ Dana "Shellology" Shell (1950 Chevy 3600 3/4-ton)


Generally Cool Info

             As our Stovebolt Geek (Paul Schmehl) was cruising around the 'Net, he came across this cool bit of info:

             On the Wikipedia site, if you type in "Stovebolt" you get some fairly good information (stuff we discussed and debated here for 12 years). Jack Nerad's link is an especially interesting read on the History of the Stovebolt Six. And then you've got US!!! We're listed as one of their "external references." Shaaa-zaaam!

             Is that cool or what? (Don't answer!)


The Gallery
A few WORDS about all this

             Before we present the Gallery additions for August, we want to share a few things. We get a lot of submissions and most of them are really good. The stories are terrific. The details that some folks provide are just the ticket for the next Botler working on his or her truck. Some of them are inspiring, some tear-jerking, and some totally motivating. "Pictures say a thousand words" - yea sure. But when someone is searching the 'Net, in order to be helpful to them (by finding the site), we gotta have the words, too! The feedback we get about the Gallery is motivating to us also. We crank out as many as we can (thanks to our helpers!) and we hope not to bug folks too much when we keep on asking for more information.

             But ... just so you'll know, in August alone there were over 17,000 hits to the main Gallery page. (It's the highest hit page after the forums.) And just to share some more Bolt-facts: the 1947-55 Gallery page has over 4200 hits in August (again in the top 10) and the 1960-66 Gallery page comes in at #10 with over 2600 hits.

             So ... here are the additions in August:

Old Stovebolt News pages

Old news is still good news!

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