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New Stuff -- September 2006

It's a "Never-ending Newsletter"

This Issue:

Second Stovebolt Reunion, Kansas City \|/ 2007 Stovebolt Calendars \|/ It Ran When I Parked It 2006
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      "The proud warriors of Baker Company wanted to do something to pay tribute to our fallen comrades. So since we are part of the only Marine Infantry Battalion left in Iraq, the one way that we could think of doing that is by taking a picture of Baker Company showing the way we feel.  Let the world know that "WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN" and are proud to serve our country."

Semper Fi,
1stSgt Dave Jobe

      This is a real picture, taken in Iraq on 9 September 2003 by the Baker Company, with the 7th Marines, 1st Battalion, to honor the victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks on the U.S.

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Our Second Stovebolt Reunion
What a great turnout and great time at the "All Truck Nationals" in Kansas City
      Well, this was a special weekend to say the least. We had over 25 Stovebolters coming from near and fairly far to meet face-to-face. It certainly felt like "old home week" as we got a chance to better know our fellow wrenchers.

      Read the story about the weekend from the Features page. Such fun! Lots of pictures, too!

First row - sitting
Joe Hand, Steve (KC Mongo) Mosley

Second row - kneeling
John Milliman, Peggy Milliman, Fred (Joker) Scott,  Ed Blouch, Joe and Jacob Oetken

Third row - standing
Mike (50GMC253) Barnes, Jennie Falke, Toby Falke, Sherry Ward, Scott (48bigtrucks) Ward, Mike (Ol Trucks) Taylor, Tom (235 Fatfenders) Ryan, Arch (56 pickup) Oetken, Greg "55cabover" Pate

In fatweed's truck
kneeling / "front row"

Joe (TooMany2Count) Weimer, Paul (baldeagle / Stovebolt Geek) Schmehl

Charlie (Cletis) Hardin, Shirley Falke, Al (resto44) Falke, Ray (Oehm Jr 46) Oehm, Donna Oehm, George (Wrenchbender Ret) Captico, Gary (fatweed) Nesser

Not shown
Craig (revoh) Hover, Russell (Mo503100) Hargis, Linda Schmehl, Lisa Mosely, Xander Mosely


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2007 Calendars - First Edition
So, you'd like to see your baby in print, eh?

      So would we! Well, as many as we can get! And this year, we can get even more, more, MORE! We have several calendar sizes to chose from, so you have a better chance of getting in. And we are going to try some themes, too:

Big Bolts \|/ Working Bolts \|/ Panels and Burbs
\|/ People of the Bolt \|/
Before and After \|/ Trucks in Progress

      Here is the general information about the calendars, including personalized calendars. For the first batch, we just took some large images that we received with Gallery submissions. A few Bolters have sent in trucks and we'll start posting as we get into October. Remember, they make great presents. (Let your kids give you one for Christmas). Check out the first edition!

      How many of you all remember this one from 2003? Know who's Bolt that is?

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It Ran When I Parked It 2006 Photo Contest
Just to let you know, it's just around the corner ...

      It's been a big month with a lot of traveling and writing, but we just wanted to let you know that the kick off for this year's It Ran When I Parked It Photo contest will be October 1. We already have about eight submissions. Bruce Kinsey sent this one in November 2005!!

      We have drafted the theme page. But if you need a sneak peak to what this is all about, come on and take a look. It'll be much like last year. We'll run October 1 through December 4.

      We've started on prize-hunting, too. Will have all the details as soon as we can. And we'll add the pictures as they come in.

      In the meantime, grab that camera and start shooting!

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New Tech Tips

      Tim "tclederman" Lederman (see his trio of 1954 Chevy trucks) has done a great job putting together a table which contains information on PPG and DUPONT paint codes (Exterior, Interior, and Trim Colors) for Advance-Design (1947-1955) Chevrolet Trucks.

      He also includes links to paint chips for most of these colors in his chart.


      By the way, this is Steve (KC Mongo) Mosley painting his 1953 2-ton, getting it ready for the big day at the Kansas City show! He's got some other fun pictures on his site.

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New Links

      Thanks to the Stovebolters who have sent this links in to add to the Lots O' Links page. We have more than 568 and I'm sure there are more to list. It's a lot easier for us when a Bolter sends in a link he / she is familiar with. We get bombarded by spam mails asking to link to various sites -- Most with nothing to do with restoring / restifying old trucks. But our Sir Links O' Lot still checks 'em out just to be sure. So, thanks again for sending these along!

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Around Stovebolt HQ
Upgrades and Support

Second Server to come on line!

       Our Stovebolt Geek (Paul Schmehl) reports that on "Thursday, September 28, 2006, at approximately 11AM CDT (1600 UTC), the Stovebolt page will go offline to install the new web server. For a period of time that I estimate to be about fifteen minutes (but Murphy's law says otherwise), the Stovebolt site will be inaccessible while I sync up the files one last time, then IP the new server, take the old server down and reboot the new server.

       "Once the new server comes back up, the website will be accessible again, but email may not be functional for a brief period afterwards while I bring up the old server and ensure that there are no conflicts.

       "Thanks in advance for your patience and for the generosity of those Stovebolters who donated money so that the new server could be purchased.


       The second server is a PowerEdge 1950, Dual Core Intel® Xeon® 5060, 2x2MB Cache, 3.20GHz, 1066MHz FSB.


       All I could figure from Paul's info was it has no mouse, no keyboard, no monitor, no operating system. But it does have two disc drives.

       We trust Paul completely. And appreciate his work here immeasurably. We've ordered extra chocolate and other serious comfort food for this transition.

       Hold on to your hats ... and stay scarce for a day. Hopefully, just one day. Go do something nice for someone else today!


      Speaking of thanks to contributors, here's a few that made contributions in September. Mahalo! (Here's the whole list of Stovebolt Super Supporters -- we're working on the avatar, Barry )

Gary "fatweed" Nesser   *   Stuart  Bohm   *   Ralph Pamer

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       This is a fun but expensive hobby!

Brett Clark
1965 Chevy C-10
"Sixty5C10" \|/ Bolter # 10596
Springfield, Missouri

\|/ \|/ \|/

       I just found this site awhile back and it has helped me tremendously already. There is a wealth of info on here and I can t stay out of the Gallery. Thanks for putting together such a great site.

Gary Westervelt
1960 Chevy Longbed Stepside
"halfpint33" \|/ Bolter # 11941
Columbus, Kansas










       The Forums on the Bolt page have been very helpful as we try to come up with an overall plan and have already saved us a lot of mistakes as we disassemble. Thank you for the site, the info, and the chance to see what others have done with their old bowties.

Ken Grimes \|/ 1962 Chevy C-10 Fleetside Shortbed \|/ "crazed_angler" \|/ Bolter # 11280 \|/ Fallon, Nevada

\|/ \|/ \|/

       This was a first time project for me, so there were many times that I ended up doing something 2-3 times before getting it right. Many nights in the shop, I just had to quit, have a few pops, and call it a day.
Can't say enough about the Stovebolt website. Many mornings spent on-line researching ideas on "issues" my truck was having with me. After lessons were learned, my truck would let me continue forward. Thank you Stovebolters for having the patience and vision to post so much learning.

Doug Brechtelsbauer \|/ 1951 GMC 1/2-Ton Longbox \|/ "fritzer999" \|/ Bolter # 5564 \|/ Reese, Michigan

\|/ \|/ \|/

\|/ \|/ \|/\|/\|/ \|/\|/\|/\|/\|/\|/\|/\|/\|/\|/\|/\|/\|/\|/\|/\|/\|/\|/

September Gallery Additions
It's great to see a bunch of new Bolters come in from Kansas City. Truly there was a wonderful feast of Bolts there!

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