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         This is a rather strange "news" page.  It was such an insane month.  We were so excited that Paul Schmehl had come up here on his vacation to tweek these computers.  After over a year, I finally had a REAL mail program with access to all my old address books.  Even had a new browser.  We were humming along, preparing to transition into September with announcements for the Kansas City Reunion, IRWIPI, calendars, other cool stuff -- them BOOM!  The server in Texas crashed.  Paul, (our Awesome Stovebolt Geek) was in North Carolina then.  American Classic Truck Parts came to the rescue to try to get it up and running but our system is different than theirs.  ASG came back from vacation and pulled out the last few hairs he had getting it back on line - little by little.  Right after the first "little," John and I had to head up to Maine for John's family.  By the time we got home, talk about "dazed and confused" ... we didn't know where to start.  Thanks to Paul, it was all there ... but 2995 emails is a little overwhelming!

        So ... besides a big thanks to all who helped out, a big "wow and sorry" for all those who suffered withdrawal when the site was down, and an even bigger "wow and great" for those who acted like nothing even happened ... we are back up.  So, the easiest way for me to do a September newsletter is just a little at a time!  The Never-ending Newsletter. 

                        John, Peggy and The Stovebolt Staff         

17 September 2005         


It Ran When I Parked It 2006 

Back to the Future

        By the time we wrap up this September news issue, you all will have 31 days to get your photo submissions in

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New Feature    
September Donation

Hey Mom!!!







    Well... at least my truck is...

    Or is gonna be. 


    An e-mail out of the blue launched our movie career, Ole Charley's and mine. It was a few months ago. Seemed simple enough as Jac was just contacting us here at the Stovebolt Page looking for "Picture Cars" -- vintage vehicles for movie, TV and commercial productions. A made-for-TV movie here, TV commercial there. She contacted us on and off and we tried to hook her up with appropriate Stovebolters in the area.

    In July, she sent another of her emails, this time looking for pre-'54 vehicles in the Washington, DC area for a movie shoot.

    Well golly, it just so happened WE (Peggy and I) had a pre-'54 vehicle in the Washington, DC area! Maybe this time we could join in the fun and see what all this movie-makin' glamor was all about. I didn't ask what the movie was. I didn't think it mattered. Just another bit of Hollywood fluff or nonsense and nothing to get too worked up about. Just bring the old truck, hang around, be in a movie. Big deal. So we sent her the pictures, exchanged a few more emails and thought, well, that if they wanted us, they'd let us know.

    She let us know. Read on ...


A big mahalo to Warner "Cvett" Ettenger for his donation towards the site.

It'll help offset the cost
for the updated software.

"Thanks for all you and everyone
at Stovebolt does
day in and day out.

Love the site.




A few words from the Stovebolt Collective:

You guys rock!

"Hi,  I've been looking at your site occasionally for a  year or two now. Last week, after being confused by my sister's mid-90's something or other, I went to another auto forum looking for advice. I was assaulted by pop-up after pop-up after pop-up until I just gave up. Also, their page designs or lay-outs or whatever you call them were confusing and time-consuming to get around. Anyway, I needed to write and tell you what a fantastic web site you have, and how happy I am that it is available to me. Thanks,
Frank "f63" Teneralli

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