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    From our Sagas Section

    • Hi Ho Silver Rides Again -- After submitting a piece for the Alternative Gallery, we just had to know how he transformed this Super-Chromed Wonder. So, here is an informative, fun and heartwarming saga.
    • Did anyone say "Road Trip" -- How about a 32-hour, 1100 mile road trip for the '53 'Burb. Jim Sloate takes us back to 1973 for this adventure.
    • A Finish dream comes true -- From the Land of the Peach Blossom to the Land of the Midnight Sun -- one '46's journey across time, oceans and dreams.


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    Publication Subcategories

    A big thanks to Woogeroo, Laroke and the other Bolters who helped pull together the initial list of books starting back in October 2004. When asked what books do you use, some of our favorites were:

    Checkbook ~~ Fabled 48
    Most got blood on 'em from when I was workin'. ~~ Jim Profit
    Phonebook ~~ Swampcat
    I have you guys. I don't need no stinkin' books! ~~ Boo Radley


    Auto Mechanics Fundamentals: How and Why of the Design, Construction, and Operation of Automotive Units Martin W. Stockel
    Martin T. Stockel
    0-870067702 1990 Goodheart-Willcox Pub
    Automotive Electrical Handbook Jim Horner      
    Automotive Paint Handbook John Pfanstiehl      
    Automotive Upholstery Handbook Don Taylor      
    Basic Carburetion and Fuel Systems No 5.   0-8227-0101-0 1975  
    Basic Ignition and Electrical Systems No 4.   0-8227-0104-9 1975  
    Brake Handbook Fred Puhn 0-895862328 1985 Horsepower Books
    California Bill's Chevrolet, GMC & Buick Speed Manual     1954 Fisher Books
    Catalog of Chevy Truck ID Numbers 1946-1972   1880524023 2001  
    Chevrolet Inline Six-Cylinder Power Manual, 2nd Ed       Amazon.com
    Chevrolet Pickup Color History Tom Brownell and Mike Mueller 0-87938-876-5 1994 Motorbooks International
    Chevrolet Pickup Red Book       Motorbooks International
    Chevrolet Pickups 1946-1972 John Gunnell 0-87938-282-1 (soft) 1988 Motorbooks International
    Chevy Engine Overhaul       Haynes Series
    Chevy Pickup Trucks Enthusiasts Color Series Steve Statham 0-7603-0103-4 1996 Motorbooks International
    Classic Car Restorer's Handbook Jim Richardson      
    Engine & Chassis Detailing Jim Richardson      
    Heavyweight Book of American Light Trucks 1939-1966 Tom Brownell and Don Bunn 0-87938-289-9 (soft) 1988 Motorbooks International
    How to Build Custom Cars Tex Smith 1884089046 1994 Cartech Inc.
    How to Build Max Performance Chevy Small Block on a Budget David Vizard      
    How to Build Real Hot Rods Tex Smith 1884089011 1989 Cartech Inc.
    How to Build the Small Block Chevrolet (Workbench Book) Larry Atherton, Larry Schreib 0-931472261 1993 Motorbooks International
    How to Build Tri-Five Chevy Trucks       Horsepower Book Series
    How to Do Electrical Systems: Most Everything About Auto Electrics Skip Readio 1878772066> 2001 Hot Rod Library
    How to 'Hop Up' Chevrolet & Gem 6-Cylinder Engines Roger Huntington   1951  
    How to Make Your Car Handle Fred Puhn 0-912656468 1976 Horsepower Books
    How to Paint Your Car David H. Jacobs, Jr.      
    How to Rebuilt your Small Block Chevy       Horsepower Books Series
    How to Restore Metal Automotive Trim Jeff Lilly      
    How to Restore Your Chevrolet Pickup Tom Brownell 0-87938-500-6 1991 Motorbooks International
    How to Restore Your Chevrolet Pickup / New Edition
    (see our review -- some of our 'Bolters are in this Edition)
    Tom Brownell 0-7603-1634-1 2004 Motorbooks International
    How to Restore Your Collector Car Tom Brownell      
    Nuts, Bolts and Fasteners, and Plumbing Handbook Carroll Smith      
    Petersen's Basic Carburetion and Fuel Systems No. 6 Spence Murray 0-822750139 1977 Green Hill Pub
    Petersen's Basic Ignition and Electrical Systems David N. Wenner 0-822750147 1977 Green Hill Pub
    Pickup and Van Spotter’s Guide 1945-1992 Tad Burness 0-87938-722-X 1993 Motorbooks International
    Rochester Carburetor Manual       Haynes Series
    Second Edition Standard Catalog of American Light-Duty Trucks John A. Gunnell, Editor 0-87341-238-9 1993 Krause Publications
    Sheet Metal Handbook Ron and Sue Fournier      
    Sixty Years of Chevrolet George H. Dammann 0-912612-03-7 1972 Crestline Publishing Co.
    Small Block Chevy Performance John Baechtel      
    Smokey Yunick's Power Secrets Smokey Yunick      
    Truck : On Rebuilding a Worn-Out Pickup, and Other Post-Technological Adventures John Jerome 0-874517559    
    Ultimate Auto Detailing David H. Jacobs, Jr.      
    Ultimate Truck and Van Spotters Guide 1925-1990 Tad Burness 0-87341-969-3   Krause Publications
    Welder's Handbook Richard Finch      
    Wired for Success : Auto Electrical Made Easy Randy Rundle      

    Check the "Library" at American Classic Truck Parts -- besides books, they have many manuals, brochures, booklets, all sorted by years. Another great source for on-line manuals is Keith Hardy's Old On-line Chevy Manuals project. As a matter of fact, if you've got a manual to donate to this project, it would be great for everyone. So far, Keith has over 130 manuals with over 13,000 pages (pre-1960) ...all for free! And he's consistently updating it.









    How To / Tech Tips / Manuals

    Google Books --

    Researching a topic?

    Search the latest index of the world's books at Google Books. Find millions of great books you can preview or read for free. I typed in "old GM trucks" and Tom Brownell's "Retoring Your Chevy Pickup" was first in the stack. Click on it, and you get to preview of 18 pages!

      And our local public library now is on-line with a pretty cool data base for searching for information. You might want to see if that is available in your area, too. I can hunt down a book and reserve it on-line. Then just drop by to pick it up. Quite nifty, I'd say.     

    Free stuff ... isn't it GREAT!


    Literature Dealers (Brochures, Vintage Ads, etc.)



    We decided not to include manuals in the book list since there are soooo many of them. Between American Classic Truck Parts and the Manuals Project ... you ought to find what you need. If not, try Amazon and Motorbooks International.


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