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DISCLAIMER -- These web site links are listed as a convenience to our visitors. If you use these links, we take no responsibility and give no guarantees, warranties or representations, implied or otherwise, for the content or accuracy of these third-party sites.



A quick run around the Virtual Garage



AD Chevy Trucks

Chevy trucks

Over 6,000 pictures
Brad Allen has an awesome collection of Chevrolet factory pictures that he has set up from film strips.

This one is on AD Chevy trucks (1947-1955).

Lots of work on Brad's part ... pure enjoyment for you.



















Parts Links Subcategories


Brake Update Kits

Car Care Products



Chrome and Plating

Cooling Systems & Radiators

Corrosion Fighting Products, Services & Paints



GM-Specific Truck Parts


Miscellaneous Parts


Suspension and Steering

Tires, Rubber and Wheels


Upholstery, Interior, Covers and Tarps





Have you checked the forums? You have an old truck and an insatiable desire to work on it, drive it, learn more about it. You are not alone. There are others like you ... many others ...

The Parking Lot

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  • Stovebolt Volunteer Fire Department
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  • Panels & 'Burbs
  • 1960-1966 Trucks
  • Tons 'o Fun

The Shop Area

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  • The Radio Bench
  • The HiPo Shop
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  • The Doors
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  • The Tool Chest
  • Making a Stovebolt Bed

The DITY Gallery

  • More, more, MORE trucks

The Side Lot / The Swap Meet
The Front Office / IT Shortbus

Stovebolt Fever
There is no cure



DISCLAIMER -- These web site links are listed as a convenience to our visitors. If you use these links, we take no responsibility and give no guarantees, warranties or representations, implied or otherwise, for the content or accuracy of these third-party sites.


Sorted by years and type

This list of Stovebolt-related links is the property of Stovebolt.com.
See the copyright notice.

Parts Links Subcategories
Accessories Chrome and Plating Engines Suspension and Steering
Brake Update Kits Cooling Systems & Radiators GM-Specific Truck Parts Tires, Rubber and Wheels
Car Care Products Corrosion Fighting Products, Services & Paints Lubricants Transmission
Carburetors Miscellaneous Parts Upholstery, Interior, Covers and Tarps
Clutch/Driveline Electrical Performance

GM-Specific Truck Parts, by available years

'18 and up

'30's and up

  • 6066 GMC Guy -- Jolly Goodfellow's site - GMC & Chevrolet COE & LCF type Trucks from the '30's to the '60's
  • Antique Chevrolet Parts -- 1929 - 1981 Chevy/GMC Truck - Oakville, Ontario Canada
  • Auto Glassics -- Glass and seals for most Chevrolet trucks, 1930 to 1970. Stovebolters get a 5% discount on all flat or curved glass (call them with your order and let them know you are a "Stovebolter!"
  • Jim Carter's Antique Truck Parts -- '34-'72 Chevy/GMC truck parts
  • Chev's of the 40's -- Thanks to Brian Stephens for sending in this '37-'54 Chevy truck Parts source
  • Classic Chevrolet Parts -- '32-'80 Chevrolet Pickup truck parts (cars, too)
  • Bowtie Bits -- '34-'72 GMC & Chevy truck parts
  • Ida's Classic Chevy Parts -- Specializing in '37-'48 Chevrolet truck parts
  • Iron Chief -- 1932 - 1966 Chevrolet & GMC Truck Parts / Canada
  • Kemp's Chevrolet Spares -- '34 - '60 Chevy parts -- In New Zealand!
  • Oltrucks.com -- Mike Taylor's site for '40-'59 parts, accessories and more
  • Rare Parts -- Specializing in steering and suspension parts only, '30 and up
  • Scott's Super Trucks -- 1932-1972 Chevy/GMC pickup truck parts - new, used & custom / Canada
  • Superior Glass Works --Fiberglass body parts for 1931-1954 Chevy trucks; complete ’47-54 rolling chassis, running board and cab brackets

'42 and up

  • Classy Chev USA -- Long time 'Bolter with a great site. Repo parts for 1939-1965 and largest collection of Chevy truck literature
  • Dixie Truck Works -- Parts for '42-'82 GMC and Chevy trucks. Features online catalog
  • Oltrucks.com -- Mike Taylor's site for '40-'59 parts, accessories and more
  • Precision Rebuilders -- Parts and advice for light and medium duty trucks back to the '40's
  • Rock Auto -- Discounted parts (Bolters use this code: 9003560A37E9) with a comparison shopping guide)

'47 and up

'55 and up

'60 and up

  • 6066 GMC Guy -- Mike "Jolly" Goodfellow's truck site has moved to a new spot!
  • Aspen Auto -- 1960 to 1972 Chevy Pickup Truck Parts
  • Cheyenne Pickup Parts -- 1960 - 1987 Full Size Chevy / 1969 - 1991 Full Size Blazer and Suburban
  • Early Classic -- Specializing in suspension parts for '60-'72 GM trucks
  • Kenny's Truck Parts -- Specializing in '60-'72 Chevrolet Truck Parts
  • McGaughys -- 1960-1999 Chevy Trucks - springs - suspension - aftermarket, etc.
  • Street Performance Parts -- Check prices on over 8,000,000 auto parts from over 10,000 stores; farthest date back is 1966

'67 and up


Sites for Misc. Parts



  • Auto Venetian Blinds -- Venetian blinds for your truck!
  • Big Jim's -- Street rod and dress up accessories
  • California Car Cover Company -- Custom made
  • CSI, Inc. -- Military trucks, parts and accessories
  • D.R. Antique Car Parts & Accessories
  • HubCaps.com -- Dealers in new and used hubcaps -- antiques, too
  • Key Men - Keys for classic Chevrolets; OEM blanks, Briggs & Stratton type and huge supply of aftermarket blanks for all years of GM products up through 1990
  • Larry's License Plates -- License plate dealer in Kansas
  • Murphy's Motoring Accessories -- Thousands of patterns, Greendale, WI ,1-800-529-8315
  • My Car Trim -- "Premium Side Body Moldings" ... "can be custom-built for almost any vehicle make or model"
  • Oltrucks.com -- Mike Taylor's site for '40-'59 parts, accessories and more
  • (The) Perry Company -- in Waco, TX. Pickup truck accessories (& farm implements) since 1946
  • Stylintrucks -- "Your source for all things truck"
  • Train Horns -- Forget big rigs, make your truck sound like the 3:10 to Yuma!!
  • Trim-gard -- Aftermarket moldings for the early 70’s Chevrolet Pick-Ups (body side, wheel well, door edge guard protectors, step tread, custom)
  • Truck Champ -- Discount truck accessories, including bed covers and tonneau covers
  • Yogi's, Inc. -- Sreet rod, classic vehicle and custom truck accessories


Brakes and Update Kits

  • Classic Performance Products -- Sells suspension, brake and steering kits for classic Chevy and (other) cars and trucks
  • Crusse'N Classics -- Bolt-On Disc Brake Conversion Kits for 1948-1970 Chevy-GMC Trucks
  • Indianapolis Fabrications -- Randy "RDomeck" Domeck offers a disc brake conversion kit and for each one sold, he makes a contribution to support the site. Thanks for supporting Randy and to Randy for this generous offer.
  • Inline Tube - The "Brake Plumbing Experts"
  • Oltrucks.com -- Mike Taylor's site for '40-'59 parts, accessories and more
  • Precision Rebuilders -- Remanufacturer of a wide variety of parts for medium and heavy duty trucks (Brake Boosters, etc.)
  • Stainless Steel Brakes -- "Stainless steel sleeve and piston brake calipers, drum-to-disc brake conversion kits"
  • White Post Restorations -- Restoration services for brake system components


Car Care Products


Carburetors & Fuel Systems




Chrome and Plating


Corrosion Fighting Products, Services, Paints & Coatings


(Be sure to check out our Links Electrical Section, too!)

  • Fifth Avenue Internet Garage -- Randy Rundle does more than just provide 6-volt alternators ... he makes antique, classic and special interest vehicles more reliable and fun to drive!
  • Alpine Auto Electric -- Restoration of antique electrical components
  • The Brillman Co. -- Wire harness, battery cables, plug wires & elec. parts
  • Delco Remy - Heavy duty starters and alternators
  • Don's Bulbs -- "World's largest online light bulb resource."
  • ISSPro -- Standard & custom designed instrument clusters, gauges and senders
  • Lee Pedersen -- Oilers, wire, ign parts, literature, tanks, etc
  • M & H Electrical-- Reproduction wiring harnesses, battery cables and switches, connectors and terminals for Classic GM.
  • Mad Electrical(Mad Enterprises) -- Electrical wiring system up-grades, catalog, tech, workshop tips.
  • Reman Inc -- ignition parts, brake parts, suspension parts or air conditioning parts
  • Sirenman.com -- Sirens, lights, parts & other goodies for your Firebolt!
  • Special Interest Autos -- Electrical parts and service for most makes ' 10's - '70's
  • Street Rod Electrics -- "American-made complete restoration wiring. GM color-coded wiring kits that include GM connectors and terminals. Free custom recommendations based on your vehicle year, make & model! Free shipping on all complete wiring harnesses!
  • Sundial Wire -- Source for new cloth-covered wire
  • Taillight King -- This guy has LIGHTS -- headlights, taillights, cab marker lights (New Yankee 77's!)
  • The Hollister Road Company -- Manufacturers of electrical and restoration parts
  • Vintage Auto Radio -- AM/FM radio conversions
  • Wiringproducts.com -- Electrical wire, electrical parts and electrical supplies
  • YnZ's Yesterday's Parts -- Wiring harnesses for antique/classic cars and trucks





Performance Parts

Radiators and Cooling Systems

  • Arthur Gould Rebuilders -- Rebuilding mechanical fuel pumps '27 to '70, and water pumps 1900 to the present
  • Blue Devil Products -- Sealants including A/C stop leaks, head gasket sealers, hydraulic stop leaks and oil stop leaks. Their product is available in many parts stores. Cool video tip on head gasket sealer.
  • (The) Brassworks -- Handcrafted and rebuilt radiators and heater core restorations for classic vehicles.  Custom steel fan shrouds and a full line of 12v and 6v fans.
  • Cap-A-Radiator Shops -- Cooling System and Air Conditioning Service Work (in New York)
  • Car-Radiator.com -- Car, truck and tractor radiators, as well as cores and charge air cooler products
  • Classic Auto Air -- Air conditioning for 1947 - 1952 pickup trucks, "Perfect Fit Systems" product line
  • Classic Heaters -- "Send the heater core for your vintage truck to have it put back into like new condition"
  • Classic Radiator -- Repair, recore and sales; on-line catalog
  • Heater Control Valve.Com -- Jim rebuilds heater control valves!
  • Jam-N-Motorsports -- Aluminum radiators from Champion Cooling Systems (Chevy dates from 1941); and other models. 60 day guarantee - if you are not happy in anyway - all you paid is refunded, including shipping costs, no hassles. Feel free to call and ask technical questions.
  • Online AC Compressors -- AC Compressors, Condensers, Evaporators "well below cost"
  • U.S. Radiator -- High tech radiators to fit old trucks (cars, too)
  • Radiator.com -- Brand new radiators, plus parts, accessories and locations for help with installation
  • staycoolproducts.com -- Car, truck & tractor radiators


Suspension and Steering


Tires, Rubber and Wheels

  • 1010tires.com - Tire & Wheel -- Wheels and tires for your modern driver
  • Acoustical Reinforcement Products, Inc. -- Revolutionary reinforcement and sound absorption products to replace steel bracing, Shoddy Cotton, etc. Also sealants allowing flush mounted glass
  • Antique Rubber Parts -- Rebuild and restore antique rubber parts with original tread patterns
  • Calimer's Wheel Shop -- Producing high quality wood wheels for antique automobiles.
  • Canton Bandag Co. -- Specialists in retreading, and remanufacturing of solid rubber tires (Parts)
  • The Coker Tire Company -- "The world's largest distributor of antique and classic tires for automobiles, trucks and motorcycles."
  • DH Wheels -- "For almost 15 years, Fuel Off Road wheels have been amongst the most sought after high performance vehicle wheels in the industry"
  • Denman Tire Co. -- Tires for antique trucks. Not just tires, but bias ply tube tires for our Big Bolts
  • Discounted Wheel Warehouse -- Custom wheels and rims
  • Express Wheel and Tire -- "Large selections of wheels and tires at discounted prices"
  • Goodyear -- Tires (duh)
  • Hansen Wheel and Wagon Shop -- "Over 20 sizes of [wooden] wheels in stock able to assist in custom building or rebuilding wheels of whatever size for whatever use"
  • HubCaps.com -- Dealers in new and used hubcaps -- antiques, too
  • Lucas Classic Tires -- Classic tires for your classic vehicle
  • M.E. Miller Tire Co. -- Antique Truck and Tractor Tires
  • Nebraka Tire -- Discussion in the forum Spanky recommended them. "Choose from brand new first line tires or save big money with our great selection of major manufacturer factory overstock blem tires with "like new" tread at a fraction of the cost of a new tire. We can also save you money with retread tires and regrooved tires.
  • Runningboardmats.com -- Repro running board mats (original pattern) for all antique cars and custom-made running board mats for all street rods
  • Specialty Tires of America -- American made bias-ply tires for a large variety of specialty tire uses
  • Steele Rubber Products -- Restoration rubber parts for classic and collector cars and trucks
  • Universal Vintage Tire -- Authentic tires and accessories (trucks, too)
  • Wheels Now, Inc. - 100+ year old company, just launced a new website for old, obsolete, uncommon or custom wheels, rims and parts. Been getting some Stovebolt traffic and would be happy to answer questions about old style or custom wheels that have been obsoleted by Accuride and others. [ Parts ]




Upholstery, Interior Products, Covers and Tarps


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