Alfred Zeiler's

1962 C-10 Custom

"Big Banana"

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From Alfred:

    I have yet to find a 1962 truck in any kind of decent shape and have never seen one listed anywhere (pictures, wanted, for sale, or parts). Well, here is one that turns heads everywhere.

    When I bought this truck earlier this year, people told me I was crazy to buy a truck from the early '60's. Those are not the popular trucks. Hopefully, I'm about to start changing that. See for yourself. My son actually bought the truck (with some arm twisting from Dad) from someone who ran out of money working on it. We don't know the history of it and haven't had it long enough to create much. My wife and I have cruised the strip a few times and we sorta like the attention.

    At school, our son is the one with the "Big Banana." As parents, we were a little concerned with this title, but are relieved to know it was only after he bought the bright yellow truck that he was bestowed with this precarious title.

    This truck has the original 235 engine with a few modifications (another crazy move according to the horsepower freaks). Shaved block, high performance cam, balanced crank shaft, bored .040 over, late model oil filtration, rebuilt and shaved heads with heavy duty springs, dual single barrel carbs, headers and some chrome goodies. Four speed transmission allows complete control of how much smoke you'd like to generate or how much gas you'd like to save. Drivetrain is solid and 10" wide rear tires spin easily (a little too easily). New front end lower ball joints and new shocks all the way around give this heavy monster a decent ride (let's try to be reasonable, it's still a truck). The lowered front is courtesy of smaller rims, no cutting and no torsion bar adjustments. Interior is very clean and original, except for late model seat and seat belts, Kenwood stereo, Pioneer speakers and, of course, the tachometer.

    I guess that makes the interior not so original. Oh well, it's very clean anyway. Although there is some rust on the doors and in the front fender wells, it's definitely a looker and fun to drive. It almost sounds like I'm trying to sell it. Actually, we are! $4,700 and comes with extra 235 engine including high performance cam and extra automatic tranny. New engine has less than 500 miles.

    Hope you like the pictures.

Alfred Zeiler

    Not sure of the date of this entry, but this was our first 1962 Stovebolt in the Gallery ~~ Editor

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