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A Cool Old Truck

Steve Young's

1946 1/2-Ton Pickup

From Steve:

     Just thought I would send you updates to my '46 1/2-ton. I finished the truck last week, and in only three years (yes, thats sarcasm)! It took so long because as I stated in my first e-mail that I was working with another guy who was SUPPOSED to know what he was doing and as it turned out, it was a typical first-timer horror story, The guy knew just enough to be dangerous. When I had finally realized I was wasting my time, most of the damage had been done. I then had to find a reputable hot-rod builder and almost everything had to be redone. After all that the truck was finally running ... and you could have probably guessed, I put a whole, whopping 90 miles on the motor the first guy said he knew how to rebuild, before the bearings and crank went bye-bye (due to the fact that he never check the bearing clearances or the ring gaps).

     I then decided if you want it done right you have to do it yourself. So I bought a GM Crate 350 (best thing you can do) and an engine hoist and did the job myself (with the guidance of the reputable rod-builder), and here she is in all her glory, and running like a "raped ape."

     So my advice to other rodders who want to do this is two things: GM Crate motor, and the most important thing, when you find someone who says they know what they're doing, DON'T rely on friends and family. Instead ask to talk to other people he/she has actually did work for. Hope this will help future rodders and look forward to more trucks in your site.

     This picture was taken about five years ago after I had just completed my first attempt at auto mechanics. I drove it for about 1 1/2 years before the stock 216 block cracked. About two years ago I met a Street Rodder named Dave Purcell that said he would be willing to teach me everything I need to know about rebuilding the truck, if I was willing to do the work. Since then the truck has received a Camaro subframe, heat & A/C, power windows, CD stereo with 12" subwoofers, a bored .60 over 327 v-8, Camaro rearend, Billet Centerline Rims, V-butted windshield, smoothed running boards, new bed from MACKS, new oak, Painless wiring kit, Black Cherry Tweed upholstery, and the body is in the process of getting painted Black Cherry by myself and Dave. Every seal, race, bearing, balljoint, and calipers have been replaced or rebuilt. The truck should be ready in 4-5 months and I will send updated photos if you would like.


     Thank you. You have a great GM truck site.

Steve Young
San Antonio, Texas


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