Mike Young's

1949 Chevy 3600 Flatbed

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19 February 2007
# 1832

From Mike :

           This is my 1949 Chevy 3600. I bought it as a flat bed. Then, it was Allis Chambers orange. But I did a full out restoration. It has an all original 216, 4 speed granny low.

           The truck is in great shape and driven all the time. It took me and my Dad 16 months to rebuild the truck. The truck has 92,000 miles and it has spent its whole life in Kansas City. It was originally bought by a man who owned a co-op and he used for hauling grain. When the man died, his son sold truck to a friend of mine. I bought the truck from him and have owned it for four years now. Here's a good photo of the dash -- it's is pretty good shape.

           I can personally account that with that little 216, 4-speed granny, and an ungodly rear end, (beefed up, over loads, and super low geared) it can pull like no tomorrow! I pulled my aunts friendís 2001 F-350 4 x 4 out of ditch. This truck drives like a tank in the snow. As a flat bed, I have used it in the hay field and stack about 50 bales on the bed. With that load and three guys in the cab, she still climbed out of the field like a true champ.

           This is my favorite truck by far. It's painted International Harvester white, has a Fulton sun visor, and a 12 volt (that was a must).


Mike Young
"mikes 63-k10"
Bolter # 13654
Kansas City, Kansas

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