Carl Young's

1964 Chevrolet C-20

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14 March 2007
# 1878

From Carl :

           Hi. This is my 1964 Chevrolet C-20. It has 75,000 original mile. It's a 250 6 cylinder engine and the transmission is the 4 speed (granny low). I bought the truck from the son of the original owner. Can't say what I paid, but it was an incredible price. Can you believe that this was a farm truck?

           The wood in the box is in need of replacement. The truck is mostly original except for the motor and some non-OEM gauges for oil pressure, temp and amps. The original radio is installed. The heater controls have been replaced.

           The truck has been driven daily spring, summer and fall for the last four years.

           I need to install the end gate that was removed in 1965. It was stored in a barn and has some surface rust.

           My friend Kimberly McDowell told me about your site, and she that I should say hi to Fred!

Have a great day!

Carl Young
"el Grande"
Bolter # 11918
Bismarck, North Dakota

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