Chris Yarbrough's

1955 First Series Chevy 3100 Pickup Truck

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14 August 2007
# 2018

From Chris :

           This old blue pick up is a 1955 1st series 3100 model. It has a 235 cubic inch engine and a 3-speed transmission with the shifter on the column.

           I had been looking for either an Art Deco or an Advance Design pick up for over three years. It took a while to find one that still had its original drive train and didnít need a bunch of rust repair. This truck was really taken care of by its previous owners. The second owner bought it in the early 1960ís. He passed away in 1979 and his son parked it. The son put it up on jack stands in his Dadís garage and there it sat for 27 years. It stayed there until the spring of 2006 when it was purchased by a local (Raleigh, North Carolina) car dealer.

           The car dealer sent the truck to a hot rod mechanic in the area to get it running and road worthy again. I found it advertised on-line back in March and I bought it in May 2007.

           The truck needs some electrical repairs, because the tail lights arenít working. It also has been known to mark its spot in the garage. So I am going to need to replace the rear main seal and oil pan gasket in the near future.

           I plan on making a few repairs, but the truck will stay original. The truck is parked in my garage here in Norfolk (where I am stationed). I have it titled in Virginia already, but I haven't registered it yet because I can't get it inspected until I get the tail lights working. As soon as I get it inspected and registered, I plan on driving it to work a few times a week. It really is a great old truck, and there is nothing like the sound of that old Stovebolt six coming to life.

           I have been visiting this web site off and on for the last few years and recently joined. This is a great web site and I want to thank everyone who is a part of it.


Chris Yarbrough
Bolter # 14784
Norfolk, Virginia

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