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Leonardtown, Maryland


1963 Chevy C-10 Stepside

Owned by

Mike Yannotti
"Camo Mike"
Bolter # 17222
Stamford, Connecticut


04 February 2008
# 2215

From Mike :

          I purchased a 1969 Chevy C10 Stepside on March 10, 2007 from a man in Georgia -- 10 minutes from the Tennessee border.  I knew that this was my truck after finding it on eBay because it had a great body, a 1988 350 ci motor and tranny from a Camaro.  Plus, the price was well below my budget! I wired the money, jumped on a flight and picked up the truck, driving it straight 850+ miles home. But the truck was bad luck.

          Long story short and much work spent on the truck, it turned out to not be the "one" that I really wanted, but something I bought because I couldn't find an affordable 1961-1966 that I really wanted. I also had major issues (self inflicted) due to a lot of power and I95 guard rails hydro locking the motor and water damage due to flooding, but Mildred keeps on tickin…

          Now on to the prize winner: a 1963 C10 Stepside I named Matilda. I also found her on eBay and emailed Frank (the seller) immediately after he listed it. He is from West Virginia but living in North Carolina. Oddly, the same thing happened twice but I never felt this way about a vehicle before, especially not being materialistic because of my faith it God. I knew that this truck was the "one", really.

          Frank called me and I told him that I was extremely interested if he could budge on the price. He kindly said, "I feel the truck is worth more." He was right, I didn't argue that. So I said to him, "Here is the plan. I am booking a flight now (Friday morning, January 25) and I will call you back with the details." He thought I was out of my mind. I told him I would have cash in hand also to meet his price if all went well.

          All didn't go well getting there but here is the timeline: I got out of work at 2 pm, got to LGA (La Guardia, NY) at 4:30.  US Airways wouldn't let me on my flight stating that I missed the 30 minute pre-departure time and I was upset. I talked to three US Airways reps and one finally got me onto another flight that would get me 60 minutes further south into Columbia, GA instead of Charlotte, NC. Thank God Frank and his wife Sadie are wonderful people and very understanding because they agreed to drive the truck down to the airport to meet me. I got into DC to hop onto another flight to Columbia and it happened again. Out of 70+ US Airways planes, mine was the only one that was delayed over two hours! Now I am getting furious because I have two people that have to keep changing their plans to meet me and it seemed like I wasn't coming through. Fortunately, they heard the announcements in the airport.

          I finally got into Columbia at 10:45 pm and called Frank. He said the cops kicked him out from waiting for me and he would be coming around again. He was in an Acura and his wife and Dad were in the '63. I heard the rumbling and my heart leapt. It was Mildred coming around the corner. I felt like I was a 10 year old kid on Christmas morning. It was amazing. 

          (This is a little "after the fact" information. I truly believe positivity breeds positivity or else I wouldn't be Christian. Look how good God is and how one good thing leads to another and another and... well, it just goes on and on. Here is a story that Frank posted about the truck and then the good stuff that happened to him.)

           Okay, back to my story. I ran about 100 yards (because the cop made them move again), jumped into the Acura and pulled up next to my new baby. We went to a gas station, made the trade, shook hands and the rest is history. Here she is at the gas station.

          I am keeping the color of the truck the same in Frank and Sadie's honor because even though I own the truck now, that WV Hillbilly's blood, sweat and tears will remain in this truck forever [ pix ]. Here is a shot of the interior and one of the engine.

          I put up a web site for my friend Nick Townsend called ChrickMotorWorks. Nick is from the UK who now lives in White Plains, New York. He has an amazing talent in restoration / fabrication / painting -- so much so, he is one of the best I know. We have a small team (three or four guy) that are dedicated into helping each other with our own projects. Really makes it fun.



"Camo" Mike Yannotti

          ~Wow!! What a story.  Glad you got the trucks you wanted!  Don’t you love those airlines?? ~  Gallery Gal