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1957 Chevy Panel

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08 December 2005
# 1310

From Paul:

             InkyJR was looking for an old vehicle to fix up for his high school senior project. We passed up some pretty rough Mustangs and were getting frustrated when we saw an ad for this 1957 Chevy panel truck. It was a started "frame off" resto-mod with no drive train. InkyJR seemed to be very interested in it and, being a teenager, could imagine how great it would be to drive this old relic with all sorts of modern upgrades.

             We got to talking to the previous owner who seemed delighted to have a young guy who was willing to tackle such a beast. He ended up selling it to InkyJR for slightly more than half of his original asking price. Within days of the purchase, we found a "donor" Blazer with a good frame and drive train, and the project was underway. As it sits right now, the Blazer frame has been stretched to fit the panel body, the brakes re-done, and the engine cleaned up and painted. The grille and emblems are out to be chromed, and the new sheet metal is waiting to be installed. Hopes are to have it ready to drive by graduation day.

             It will be going on a '77 K5 Blazer frame that has been extended to obtain the proper wheel base. He is in the process of cleaning up the engine, and we will be rebuilding the transmission next. Then it will be time to mount the body and begin the body work. He has a pair of reproduction front fenders and floor boards waiting in the garage.

Thanks again for the great site,

Paul Yacabitis
Bolter # 6995
N.E. Pennsylvania

             Paul Yacabitis has a BIG BOLT of his own in the Gallery -- a 1948 Chevy 1.5-Ton Dually Dump 5-window~~ Editor

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