Kelly Wood's

1947 Chevy 1-Ton Thriftmaster Dually

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17 January 2007
# 1782

From Kelly :

           Hi. I have a submission for your Gallery, my 1947 Chevy 1-Ton Thriftmaster Dually.

           This story begins when I actually went out to find a truck in order to turn it into a hot rod. I found this truck in a local classified ads listing in December 2006. They were only asking $750. I paid $700 and drove this sad and lonely-looking darling home.

           After I got it home to Utah, I drove it around the block. I got stuck in the gutter because there was no weight in the rear where the bed USE to be. Now that she was home, I knew I couldn't rod her after all. My ultimate my plan is to DRIVE IT! [Big Grin]

           First I need to fix the brakes. Driving it around the block is a bit scary. It'll stop. Ya just gotta yank on the emergency lever and lock up the rear wheels. It's pretty funny actually, but it will stop. I've noticed I can take off in third gear and walk faster than the idle in first. Possibly a different rear end will be in the future here. I'm not sure yet. I do plan on some long range driving so most likely the engine, trans, driveline & rear end will most likely be modernized.

           After the brakes, I need to get the windshield wipers working. Then get the passenger door to stay closed (currently using ultra modern technology - a tie down). Then I'll move on to the tail lights (which aren't there). Once those work, then I'll put some more modern 16 in dual wheels (so I don't kill myself or anyone else with the split rims). Then I'll attempt to license it.

           Once I have a functioning truck, I plan to slowly restore it, one piece at a time. The idea is to be a daily driver and pull some of my classic boats with it. I just love the truck.

           I'm going for a sort of "mini semi" look for the truck. I don't know yet. Maybe a simple open back end. Maybe a utility bed or something. Small 5th wheel. Who knows?

           For more information and lots of pictures, come see my own little page for my truck.

           Love the Stovebolt site. I visit every day.

Take care,

Kelly Wood
Bolter # 12619
Salt Lake City, Utah

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