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A Cool Old Truck

Travis Wood's

1968 GMC 910 Pickup

01 September 2001

From Travis:


     My name is Travis and I am currently 15 years old and this is my first vehicle. I purchased it on June 7, 2001. I hope to be driving it when I get my license. Its a 1968 GMC 910 Pickup with a inline 6 cyl. 250 cu in engine. It has a 3 spd manual transmission on the column.

     Restoring and customizing this truck will hopfully be a great learning experience as well as a fun project. I'm not planning on going original because I want a custom truck that will turn heads.

     As you can see I have just recently removed the box and also the rims and tires. It has an inline 6 cyl. 250 cu in engine with a 3 spd manual transmission (the engine runs). The motor has been degreased and washed recently but I am planning on stripping the whole truck down to the frame and hopefullly rebuilding and repainting the engine    

     I'm also wondering if you can help me find some Canadian distributors from which I can get parts and accessories for it.

     I will keep you updated with my progress and questions. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Travis Wood
Ontario, Canada

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