Morgan Wolsey's

1941 Chevrolet 2-Ton COE

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19 February 2007
# 1831

From Morgan :

          This truck was purchased new in 1941 from Beny, Chevrolet & Olds in Lethbridge Alberta, Canada. This is the original in its entirety, though there were some improvements in 1952 when General Motors came out with an oil pressure system. We changed it to a drill crankshaft and put in an oil pressure system and put in an oil pump.

          The mileage to date is 75,000 miles. This vehicle has been well-cared for throughout the years.

          On March 16, 1990, this special vehicle performed in a movie film called "Angel Square" in Edmonton, Alberta.

          It is for sale.

Morgan Wolsey
Cardston, Alberta

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