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Cool Old Truck

David Wolfe's


Chevrolet 15 cwt Wireless Pie Van

13 March  03  

From David  

Dear Sir,   

I don't know if I sent any text info with the pic of my "blitz" [restored in 1979].  These were built by General Motors- Holden on an imported 101inch Canadian  CWO chassis introduced in May 1943 and designated " Trucks 15 cwt Wireless". 

They had a fully insulated steel body with benches and seating for 2 operators, battery storage , battery charging facility. They were used in the Australian Army until 1960. 


Dave Wolfe

Curator "Dave - you have done a fine job of preserving military history" - check out Dave's other rigs '41 GMC military, '45 Artillery Tractor and '42 Ambulance

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