Larry Wolf's

1951 Chevy 3100 5-window

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28 August 2006
# 1637

From Larry :

           This is my first journey into the “Stovebolt Zone” and what a trip it has been already!

           A friend called and said he had found this '51 5-window in original shape and wanted to know if I was interested. I jumped at the chance and shortly thereafter had it loaded up and brought it home. She doesn’t have a name yet, although there is one specific name that continues to pop up as I get tied into her!

           The frame is the worst shape of anything, so I am looking for advice on either boxing it or finding a better one out there in the sand hills of Oklahoma.

           The original motor (216) has been replaced with a 235, casting number 3835913 followed by GM7 underneath that, and the radiator looks to be changed as there is no allowance for the starting crank. Otherwise, she is all original with very little rust or damage.

           I’m in Kingfisher, Oklahoma, about 45 miles NW of OKC. If anyone out there has a ’51 frame that needs a good home, let me know. I will keep you posted on this project. So far the disassembly is going great guns. Lots of friends to help tear it apart. Hope that they are still my friends when the real work starts!

Larry Wolf
Bolter # 11992
Kingfisher, Oklahoma

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