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1951 Chevy 1/2-Ton

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28 August 2006
# 1642

From Tony :

           Here she is in all her glory! My wife doesn’t understand the beauty of it!

           I found my '51 purely by luck. I live in Austin, Texas and had found another '51 in Iowa that I was preparing to go pick up on a Monday. On Friday I was checking a web site for one last time before picking up my trailer and getting ready to make the trip. There she was -- just posted 15 minutes earlier and only 10 miles from home. It was meant to be.

           I bought her at once and brought her home. The truck was original with the 216 still intact. Although it ran, it didn’t like too. I replaced it with a rebuilt 235 out of a '55. Purrs like a kitten. Working to stop fluid leaks and will be replacing the wiring next.

           New set of tires and a good clean up and she looks great. Those 55 years on a south Texas ranch has actually been her savior. Not a speck of surface rust and only a few minor dings.

           The master plan calls for new paint inside and out and new bed wood.

           She is a great driver now and my wife is amazed that every time I stop for gas I have two or three guys crawling all over it. I think the fact that it isn’t a “Show Room” quality type of truck really makes people feel more comfortable about touching and looking -- and I love that. I have heard some great stories from old timers when they see her. It definitely brings back a spark in their eyes.

           My intention is to keep maintaining and making a few modern improvements without wandering too far off from original. Then drive the heck out of her. I will leave her in good shape for my son to take over the care and nurturing after I have gone to the big salvage yard in the sky!

Thank you,

Tony Williams

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