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Leonardtown, Maryland


1940 Chevrolet KD 3/4-Ton Pickup


Owned by

Douglas Williams
Bolter # 6799
Mason, Michigan

03 September 2007 Update
USA Labor Day
# 2038


From Doug :

           Here's an update on my truck (this link is a larger picture of the one above). Since December 2006, it has been disassembled and painted professionally piece by piece. Then I re-assembled it. This took considerable time. Then came the fine-tuning of the motor and I still am having some problems with the vacuum advance and timing -- but it is getting better each day. Here's a picture of the motor when I was giving it a tune-up. As you know you have to stay positive when working on these old beauties.

           The truck and I are the same age -- well, I am five days older. I came off the assembly line on the 10th day of April 1940.

           The box in the front of the bed is made of red oak to match the bed. It has six coats of varnish. On the inside is a large tool drawer and larger yet storage area for all of the little goodies we take to the car shows. The side racks are also varnished red oak. Here's a photo of the Red Oak boards and chrome strips used to hold the boards down.

           I spent four years in the United States Marine Corps (1960 to 1964) that's why the emblems (proud to be a MARINE) and it was there I learned patience and discipline -- the two things needed to complete a project such as this.

           The box and emblems were done by a very good friend, Mr. Donald Jacot, a World War II veteran who does things with wood that I only dream about. He lives just down the road from me and he got the first ride in the truck.

           The truck is all original (except the wiring harness) and it took fifth place in the RE Olds Museum car show in Lansing, Michigan last month.  I get asked quite often where I get most of my parts. I don't want to advertise for them but most of what I have needed came from The Filling Station and Chevs of the 40s. They're just good folks.

           We are venturing a little farther from home with each car show and each time we go out, we get a lot of thumbs up and waves as well as questions.

           At 67 years of age, I could not have picked a better hobby. Beside restoring the truck, I am most involved with the American Legion Department of Michigan as the Legislative Affairs Chairman and the Marine Corps League Department of Michigan as its Legislative Director. My primary goal is to get those veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan the help and funds they will need to restart their lives. I plan to use the truck to help out in this effort as well.

           Doug -- we wouldn't call that "advertising" ... that's good recommendation. Your truck tells the story! So, it's good to know some of those details. The Filing Station donated a prize one year for the It Ran contest; that's another good thing! ~~ Editor

18 December 2006
# 1740

From Doug :

           I am sending you a picture of my 1940 KD model 3/4-ton Chevrolet pickup. This will be one of many that I will send as we progress toward the finish line with the complete restoration. It will be ready for the shows and parades this spring.

           Along with my daughter, I brought the truck back to my home in Mason, Michigan in July of 2002 from Grimes, Iowa. Now, the restoration is almost complete.

           The truck will be original with six volt system and vacuum windshield wipers. I have done all but the paint job. Many hours were spent hammering out the dents placed there by the previous two owners.

           My daughter has helped me with the truck and I have made arrangements for her to have it when I go. I love your site and I will be happy to respond to questions others may have. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with several wonderful suppliers and manufactures.

           I have found one important thing however and that is clean it up and check it out before you dispose of it because most of those old parts will work. A little TLC can save you big bucks.

           I hope this picture brings enjoyment and, as I stated, there are more on the way.


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