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Paw-Paw's 1967 Chevy Pick-up

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May 5, 2000

Damon writes:

     This was my Granddad's old truck. He bought it brand new in December of 1966. He drove it until he passed away in 1988. After he died, my Dad got the truck and put a 350-turbo automatic transmission in it, then he parked it in his barn. It only had 80,000 miles.

     In March of 1999, my Dad FINALLY decided to let me have the pick-up. I started working on it in April of 1999. I pulled the original 283 c.i. motor and had it completely rebuilt (a new cam, new crank,new pistons, etc.). I even had it balanced, and added H.E.I. ignition. While the engine was in the shop, I proceeded to clean the undercarrige, as well as anything else that could possibly be cleaned, then undercoated the whole bottom side of the truck.

     With the motor out of the truck, I painted everything under the hood, re-ran all the wiring. I hauled the truck down and had dual exhaust added. I put the motor back in the truck in June of 1999. 

     Then cranked it up for the first time since 1988. It was a thrill for my Dad and I to hear the rumble of the 283. In Agusut of 1999, we took the truck to the paint and body shop. Had it repainted to the original color of blue with the white top.

     The only thing left to do is sand and repaint the original wood bed, that is still in great shape. Grandad ALWAYS had a camper shell on the truck. It never was exposed to the weather.

     I still have the original owner's manual, along with the papers from when my Granddad bought the truck. I drive it every day now. The truck does get a lot of attention.

Damon Williams

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