Allen Whittington's

1956 Chevy Cameo Extended Cab

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From Allen:

      If you want to include it, I have also included a picture of a truck I am building. It's a 1956 extended cab Cameo. It has been extended about 20 inches using a 1958 Chevy carryall section and two cabs, a long-bed frame, and Cadillac front and rear suspension,'72 Chevy 402 big block motor,400 transmission. I wish I had a completion date, but it is at the body shop now and if you have ever built an old car you know what I mean.

      I am always proud of this truck and thanks. Keep up the good work on your site and the new Napco site is great, keep them coming.


Thanks again.

Allen Whittington

      Allen has another Stovebolt he is working on, a 1957 Chevy Cameo with a NAPCO suspension. ~~ Editor

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