Duncan White's

1949 1/2-Ton Pickup

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From Duncan:

          I purchased this truck in Port Huron, MI in 1982. It was built in St. Louis, MO, and purchased by the Cronkright's of Springfield, MO, for $1,541 on April 19, 1949. They repainted the truck in 1974.

          It remains basically unrestored but could use a paint job. However, she waxes up well and the Farm/steam engine shows we attend have folks who love basic, old trucks rather than show vehicles!

          I rechromed the bumpers, grill, did the seat in comfortable nonstock (Editor's comment: ever notice how those words, "comfortable" and "Nonstock,"always seem to go together?) material, went to 12-volt alternator system, all new brake cylinders and linings, and a 1998 treat -- 5 new tires!

          This may not be a show truck, but we drive it and we have fun (Another Editor's comment: That's the main thing!). The Fenton headers and dual exhaust sounds great!

         Is this a photo for the Gallery? (Final Editor's Comment: As if you need to ask, Duncan! It's about time you joined us!!)


Duncan White
Bolter # 4624
Ontario, Canada

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