Alan White's

1959 Chevy Apache 3200

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21 June 2006
# 1575

From Alan:

           I bought this truck off eBay in May 2003. It was in Crowley, Texas. I went from Georgia in my motor home and pulled it back on a trailer. The previous owner said he bought it from the family of the original owner. The paper work seems to document this.

           The original owner purchased the truck from Crabtree Chevrolet Company in Glen Rose, Texas. I was told he grew apples and hauled them to New Mexico to sell in this truck. Itís what I call a 50 / 50 truck. Looks pretty good at 50 feet and 50 mph. (Shoot, it looks good close-up, too ~~ Editor.)

           It has the original 235 with 4 speed tranny. Everything works on it (as of this writing), subject to change at every start up. It is used for a truck. Whatever needs hauling, gets thrown in. I have done lots of work -- oil leak fixing, window felt, floor mats, replaced the differential and housing, some brake work, etc. Needs some more. They always seem to.

           I have gotten lots of information on The Stovebolt Page and really look forward to checking the post regularly. Thanks to the Stovebolt Staff for the site and all the helpful members.

Alan White
Bolter # 3469
Adairsville, Georgia

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