Wade Whelchel's

1966 Chevrolet K-20

"Old #2"

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14 May 2007
# 1943

From Wade :

           I have really enjoyed this web site. I love old trucks. Currently, I am the proud owner of six older Chevys. It was seven until April 22, 2007 when I sold my 1966 Chevy C-30 flat bed truck. It was a bitter sweet transaction.

           I will start my Gallery entries with my 4 x 4. It is a 1966 Chevrolet K-20 with an original 327 (60k original miles). This truck was a brush fire response truck for a small volunteer fire department in my area. It runs like a clock but needs some TLC. The interior is in pretty good shape.

           The truck is for the most part original. I added the wood stake sides to the bed after I purchased it. The truck originally carried a utility bed with a 500 gallon water tank and a motorized pump. This would explain the build up of the rear leaf springs and also why it will jar your insides when you drive on a bumpy road. It rides high on its stock suspension set up and those skinny bias ply mud grips will dig deep.

           I have pulled a F*&? F250 7.3 diesel 4 x 4 attached to a 16' trailer loaded with equipment out of a deep ditch. The truck was jack knifed and mired in red mud. I chained up to the trailer with my front bumper and pulled in reverse at almost a steady idle. Just a couple of wiggles of the front wheels and they dug right in and started taking that F*&? to safety.

           So, she is all there. Much of the Fire Department equipment was scavenged before I bought truck. I do still have the spotlight. I bought truck with a junk title because the Fire Department trustee that purchased the truck had long since died. I tried and tried but could not get and original title, but so goes life.

                   I bought my first 1964 Chevy truck from my Grandfather when I was 15 years old. It was a 1964 Chevy C-10 Shortbed with a 235 6 cylinder (I will have to get a picture scanned for you all). It was the family work truck. My Grandfather traded a 1954 Ford for the truck before I was born in 1971. I can remember helping load the truck with brick to the point that the front wheels would come of the ground if you hit a bump. Many fond memories made in that truck. My Mother and Father used the truck to build our house. Then I bought it and the rest is history. I could go on and on.

           I still enjoy the truck. I have owned this truck since 2000. I would like to find a good steering box and a good 1966 K-20 title. I have named her "Old #2" ( which was her truck # at the FD).

           The truck has also been quite useful at leisure events. There is an annual steeplechase in my area that you can load up a truck with friends, food, and libation and proceed to park in the infield. The truck carried in 17 people, coolers, chairs, turkey fryers, table, and of course loot to bet on the horse race. With the high stance of the truck the flat bed became the best infield seat at the race.

Thank you,

Wade Whelchel
Bolter # 14805
Spartanburg, South Carolina

           Wade added his second Stovebolt, a 1966 Chevrolet C-10 Custom Shortbed Fleetside, to the Gallery in August 2007. ~~ Editor

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