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William Wheeler's



11 March  03  

From William

Hi All

I purchased my first 1945 CCKW in July of 2002.  I found it sitting in a field near Boone, N C.  The seller said he had not used it for four years and it did not have any brakes.  He could not find anyone to drive it any more.  I think they used the front bumper for a brake from the looks of it.

The truck has been purchased from a Power company in the 70's and originally had a flimsy crane on it he said.  His dad had removed the crane and put large pipes on the frame to allow hauling logs.  It has 12,800 miles on the odometer.  After replacing the starter, and installing a new battery and cleaning the carburetor it fired right up and purrs like a kitten.

On inspection it was discovered there were no brake lines to any of the wheels.  As you can see in picture one there is a large dent in the hood.  I took the hood to a body shop for an estimate for repairs.  The estimate was over $300.00 so I took the hood back home and threw it on the drive way.  The large dent popped back up and is not visible now.

The cab was removed and the wheels have been removed and the brake work is started.  10 used tires cost twice as much as I paid for the truck.  As soon as the temperature reaches 60F all the parts will be reassembled and it will be ready for a bed of some type.



Curator "William, that is one serious looking truck - sounds like you saved enough in body work to help out with the tires!"

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