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1949 Chevy Suburban

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Leonardtown, Maryland



Owned by Dick Weeden
Bolter # 3133
Brodhead, Wisconsin

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07 March 2011 Update
# 1781

More pictures of my old truck

From Dick :

After seven years, I am driving my 1949 ChevySuburban. I tried to keep the truck stock-looking.

I used the Steve Andereggen IFS swap from an '84 GMC 1/2-ton which gave me disc brakes and power steering. I also used the rear end from the '84.

The engine is a late '50s and or early '60s 283, built up from scrounged parts with a TH350 automatic.

I've been to a couple of cruise nights and have had a lot of compliments.

The interior is still unfinished and when winter comes here in Wisconsin, I will bring it home to the garage and finish the inside, do the weather stripping and complete all the other loose ends that I should have done before I started driving it.

It drives and handles really well. I thought I could have made the 2010 Stovebolt Reunion but I ran out of time. It is on the calendar for 2011.

Do these old trucks ever get finished?


17 January 2007
# 1781

weedenFrom Dick :

This is a 1949 Chevy Suburban that I bought in April, 2003. I had been looking for one for some time.

While in the Air Force in the early '50s, one of these Subs was assigned to our instrument shop and I drove it frequently. Ever since then, I wanted one.

I placed a "Wanted to Buy" ad in Hemmings Motor News in 2003. I got calls from all over the U.S. and Canada with prices ranging from $200 to $26,000. This one was in Kalispell, Montana. I called the owner and agreed on a price of $3800, which at the time I thought plenty high -- but looking back, maybe not so bad after all.

I borrowed a '99 Suburban from a friend and a trailer from another friend and set out for Montana from Wisconsin to buy this thing, sight unseen. My daughter and granddaughter came along with me to keep me company. We made a stop at Mount Rushmore and continued on from there. Arriving in Kalispell, we drove to the seller's place and sitting next to his shed was this Sub. It was even painted Air Force blue!

After making the deal, he started it up and drove it onto the trailer. I wasn't even expecting it to run much less move! thumbsup So we strapped it down and came home.

I was pleasantly surprised that it was drivable. I did have to pump the brakes to get it to stop. I drove it all that summer, going through about a gallon of brake fluid. In the fall, I decided to take it apart for a frame-off restoration. At that point, I was undecided on whether to go original or update it. After agonizing over this decision I decided on the update since I wanted it to be a driver instead of a show truck. So now it's in my shop in the proverbial million pieces. I try to work on it every day even if its only for an hour. So now, three years later, it's going back together

It has the Andereggen/Joyce IFS, front discs, stock 283 with TH350 and open driveline. I am now working on replacing the rear wood floor which is a real bear. A Stovebolt Tech Tip is here on the first part of the bed work. I'll finish it as I finish up the bed.

I had to do some body work, among other things, so I am glad I took it apart. Hopefully it will be drivable next year. I have more pictures in my photo album, including the IFS swap ('84 GMC), installation of Lokar shifter, rear lower corner replacement.

I guess these projects never really get finished.


Weeds did a great job with this Tech Tip. Replacing the floor in a 'Burb looks like a lot of work. He's got good detail and excellent photos! We all appreciate this effort! ~~ Editor


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