Steven Weaver's

1962 Chevy Stepside

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5 June 2006
# 1548

From Steven :

           Hey guys! This is my brother's '62 Stepside. As you can see it has seen better days. My bro bought it in the mid to late '90's. I can't remember because I was small.

           The truck seemed to be in decent shape when he bought it. It had a 305 with a 3-speed (I think) behind it. Somewhere along the way he switched it out for a souped up 305 with a th350 (with shift kit). It was built by a friend who drag raced and only made a couple runs with it.

           Anyway, after my brother's divorce, he parked the truck here and it sat for at least five years I know of. For the past couple of years, my brother and I have talked about restoring it. Last summer he and I put the souped up 305 in a '83 Camaro, and we were going to put the old 305 back in. We never got around to it .

           We didn't know the truck was in this bad of shape until we took a pressure washer to it last summer. You wouldn't believe the amount of bondo and fiberglass on it. This summer I am hoping to start on the restoration before I go back to college. I want this to be a learning project for me. I've always been more of a thinker than a doer. So I am hoping to change that.

           We are on a tight budget and will probably be working on it for some years to come (if we ever get started). I hope that my Dad and I can do the majority of the work ourselves. I would like to make it into a very nice-looking reliable (and safe) daily driver.

Steven Weaver
Bolter # 11322
South Georgia

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