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Cool Old Truck

Stuart Watt's


3/4-ton GMC Pickup

01 July  03  

From Stuart      


Here are some pic's of my 1940 G.M.C 3/4 ton flat deck.  I have owned the truck since 1982, and I am the second owner.  I paid one thousand dollars for the truck which I thought was a good deal even back then.  The truck was originally a farm vehicle from Saskatchewan Canada.  It now resides on the west coast In Vancouver.  I drove the truck for three years before stripping it down to the frame.  I was very lucky to find a truck with absolutely no rust, a lot of dent's but that old metal is so nice to work with.  All body parts were taken to Redi Strip for an acid dip.  



The truck is being restored to original with the 228 engine not needing any work as it runs like a champ.  I replaced the front and rear u- joints with some NOS parts that I stumbled upon one day.  I also had to replace the rear main leaf springs.  All of the interior parts are painted black with splatter paint instead of krickel paint and seems to be quit durable.  The truck is going to the paint booth in a couple of weeks to have the inside of the cab painted in order to receive the interior parts and will be using all new rubber with the help of Jim Carter Classic Truck Parts.  I am really looking forward to getting this thing on the road.  But hey it's just getting older (Kind of like me)

Thanks for the awesome web site

Stuart Watts


Curator "Stuart - Looking good - be sure to send in some updated pictures when you get her all back together!"

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