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1950 Chevrolet 3100

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Leonardtown, Maryland



Owned Andrew Watson
Bolter # 16496
Melbourne, Australia

01 June 2009 Update
# 2086

From Andrew :

Earlier this year, I had a slight run in with a large stationery tree.

Though the photos don't show much, the actual damage was quite severe and extensive. [ View one, two, three ] The boards in the pickup box were forced forward pushing the pickup's back panel into the body of the truck. That in turn split the 3M sealer between the body of the cab and the cab roof.

Both front and back windows and the fuel tank had to be removed to repair the back panel. Truck was repainted from the rear bonnet edge to the back panel. Perry worked long hours to get it back on the road for last Easter. Two weeks before Easter, the truck was in many pieces all over the workshop as everything rear of the cab was blocked back and repainted.

However to his credit and his apprentice Chris, the truck was back on the road Thursday before Easter. I left for the annual rod run to Narrandera next morning at 5 AM. Since then trouble free.


11 October 2007
# 2086

From Andrew :

           Here are pictures of my 3100 1950 model originally out of Calgary. This truck was Imported into Australia in 1998 by a friend who was importing cars out of Canada. The 3100 was to be purchased by me with a repro tailgate. After an exchange of labour, the deal was done. With a work move into the office, a computer was available. Using this new tool, I started looking for possible suppliers of parts.

           The first supplier I came across was American Classic Truck Parts and a really helpful Donna. Nothing was a problem for this supplier. I had many shipments from them out here to OZ, all arriving after eight weeks wait (eight weeks plus, sometimes). A great firm! I also used Chevy Duty (now called Classic Parts). Again, no problem -- great service and prompt delivery. It could be said without these two companies, this restoration would never have been completed.

           Early picture during restoration --I lost most of the "as arrived" photos. Here's a photo of the back section. Basically the truck was complete. Considering it came from Canada, the cab was fairly rust free (salt). However the pickup bed was past redemption. A totally new bed was made re-using only the original front stake pockets. A very talented panel beater / painter by the name of Perry Bekkers was tasked with the initial pickup bed construction. After seeing the quality of work, it was only sensible to have him finish the job completely. As a shiftworker, I had many hours available to assist Perry with his work. This was a delight as I learned many new tricks with restorations, making patch panels and paint preparation. Here's an early photo of the front, with the hood on, still in primer.

           The filler panel under the grille is steel, made in the same shape as the repro grille. The front guards need to be modified slightly in the corners to make this panel work. The guards have a curve which generally is not seen with the gravel tray in place. But once this is removed, this does stand out. So the front guards were squared off following the line of the grille fold. Perry made the panel that can be seen, Unfortunately I had to work and did not see the panel's creation. He is one clever dude !!!!

           The suspension is TCI Mustang II with stainless upper and lower arms and a 8 3/4 Ford rear. Another firm used from the Internet was Allan Automotive from Calgary. They supplied all the other front end parts, needed springs, shocks, caliper brackets, etc. The power side is 327 small block and TH400 -- basically stock built for reliability as I intended to do many miles to events around home.

           The reason for using Allan Automotive is a bit long winded. The mate (Brian) who imported the truck out of Calgary, had a contact there who found and exported cars for him. I contacted another rodder (out of the blue) by email and asked if he could organize the parts I needed and get them to the Damien who was exporting for Brian. His name is Allan Gingles. He organized parts through Allan Automotive who delivered them to Damien, who in turn exported them to Australia to Brian and eventually to me. How's that for world wide assistance from people that I only know by email and phone contact? Hot Rodding at its best! I owe both Allan Automotive and Allen Gingles a few beers when I visit in the future.

           Truck was finally painted late last year in a custom mix called Jaffa, with a jet black roof. The colour was a factory GM colour which we modified by adding more gold to get a nice flip in the sunlight. The stripe is silver. Another web site used was We traveled through this comprehensive site looking for a colour scheme. What you see is combination of many trucks photographed on this web site, to the author of that many thanks. This picture shows the gold colour.

           The truck was wired by me (I'm an electrician) using a billet dash insert. The dash is metal finished right hand drive conversion. This conversion was more work and time than building the pickup bed. The trim is brown leather over the original seat with the headlining supplied by American Classic Truck Parts. (Interior pix) Timber boards have been changed to make equal bed widths. They've been stained and sealed. Both bumper bars have been removed. Perry made a metal filler panel for the front and a box section to cover the rear. The rear guards were lengthened at the bottom to meet up with new box section, giving the rear a smoother look.

           Basically, I have followed the trends set in many American truck magazines and built similar over here in OZ.

           I also want to mention my wife Anne and thank her for her support; and my two boys Rhys and Mitchell for their assistance. Without family support, this would never have been done. This is my second project. Here's a photo of my 1934 Chev standard or junior 4 door 283, TH350.

           Many thanks for giving credit to those people mentioned. Without their help this would never have been done. I will always be in their gratitude. Every time I start the truck and drive out of my garage into the Melbourne summer sun, the past eight years of toil was worth it . World wide hot rodding at it's best.

           And a little more: the truck was entered in our state's premier rod show last January. The truck took Best Custom Classic Commercial. Was I stoked!! How good is this!!!!

           The truck is finished and registered for full time use. But is it really finished ?



           That is one h3lluva gorgeous truck my down under Stovebolt friend. I like the front look with the filler panel following the lower grille bar. Nicely done. Kudos to the bodyshop, too. Keep on truckin' ~~ Mike "burgandybolt" Allen, Stovebolt Welcome (Panel) Wagon


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