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1955 Chevy 1st Series 5700 COE


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13 March 2006
# 1241

From Scott:

          Well here's the scoop on Bubba. After I got it home, I did some evaluating on its condition to see which way that I wanted to go with it. I decided to make it a working truck for now -- then pretty it up later -- when I can do it right. Mechanically, I'm going to go completely through everything and fix it up. I'm going to start with the engine. I'm going to install a fresh 327 that's been waiting for a new home and fix everything from that out. I'll fix some body panels along the way so everything fits correctly and is functional.

          I removed the bed already so it will be shorter to give me a little more room in the shop. It was a good thing that I did -- I found that the left stringer on the hoist was bent and broken. That could have been ugly the first time I went to dump a heavy load.

          I would like to give credit and a big thanks to Jeff "Iowa trucks 59" Lauber for taking the day off and spending it on the road with me hauling it nearly 400 plus miles back to my place. It was a rather uneventful trip, which was good, and we got to see many other trucks along the way.

          Spanky Hardy has also joined in the COE resurrection with a list of parts to make it a complete truck agian. Can't wait to open that package.

          There's another (new) Stovebolter on the 'Bolt that's from my same town. A shop here in town is run by a friend of mine. This "new" guy had his '48 dump truck in there getting an estimate on repairing his knocking engine. The shop owner called me wanting my advice and wanted to know if I had an extra engine. I said that I did but it's MY extra engine incase one of mine lays down. I sent him to another guy I knew and he did have an engine for him.

          Come to find out, I bought the flywheel from the guy that had the engine and the "new" guy needed a flywheel for this engine. The "new' guy ended up looking me up and asked if I had a flywheel to fit this engine. So, I sold him the same flywheel that came off of that engine.

          Small world. He's from my town, and drives the same year truck and gets parts from me for the very same engine that it originally came from. I also know the previous owner that he got it from. The new guy's name is 48 dumper, so be looking for his submission soon. He's got a pretty nice truck. I wish I would have beat him to that truck.

Scott Ward
Stovebolter # 4443
Center Point, Iowa

           Yes, Scott does have a few to old trucks here : -- a 1955.1 Chevy 6500 series with an additional 2 foot frame stretch; a 1963 Chevy K-20; a 1948 Chevy 1.5-ton Loadmaster; another 1948 Chevy 1.5-ton Loadmaster (double your pleasure ); a 1951 Chevy 1.5-ton Dump Truck; and acquired from a Stovebolter "Bubba," the 1955 1st Series Chevy 5700 COE; a 1954 Chevy 6500 2-Ton; a 1953 and a 1956 Ford F800 -- something to plow with (and I bet he has others ) ~~ Editor

In the beginning was Greg Pate ...

06 October 2005

From Greg:

          Here are some pictures of "Bubba," my first series 1955 5700 model COE.

          I have been looking for a COE for 20 years but the timing has never worked out. They were too far gone or too expensive. I saw a promising- looking truck repair shop just off the interstate when I took my daughter to camp in August. So on my way back, I stopped as my "treat" for the trip.

          When I pulled up to the entrance, there was Bubba setting out front. I scribbled down the phone number and called the next day. It was a customer's truck but they said he might be willing to sell and took my number. Ten minutes later, the owner called me and said he left the truck there for brake work two years ago. He added that it runs and drives just fine.

          He apologized for there being a hole in the seat and said he would need $350 for the truck. After I regained consciousness, I wrote him a check.

          It has a grain bed and a hoist along with a 2-speed rear end. The engine has been replaced and when I get it home (tomorrow), I will run the numbers to see if it is a 235 or 261.

          It is a good starting point.

          I am also restoring a '67 Firebird 400 and a '66 Chevy C-10. I think "Bubba" will go to the front of the line. My Father worked as a Zone Service Manager for Chevrolet from 1959 to 1986 and knows COE's like the back of his hand. It will be great to have his advice along the way. I have been around Chevy's and mechanical people all my life.

          Your website is a wonderful way to keep Stovebolts going. My hat is off to you guys and gals !!!!!

Greg Pate
Stovebolter # 8600
Desoto, Kansas

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