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1936 Chevy with Holden Body

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Leonardtown, Maryland



Owned by Shane Walsh
Bolter # 11645
Cairns, Queensland

06 December 2010 Update

More pictures of my old truck

From Walshy :

G Day Stovebolters!

I got the Chev back after two years at the painters. The wait was worth it.

The doors still needed a lot of work and the front grille area did also.  I pulled it out of the other panel beaters -- they were not the best. I had a bloke Stan finish it and he has done a great job getting all the gaps right, etc.

Stan braced all the bonnet up and got it closing right. I have commenced on it straight away so I have added a lot of pics on Photobucket for the update. 

It just recently got an exhaust system on it. I got a trade plate also so I am driving it around as you can see in the photo!

The Chev also went to the upholsterers this past month. Will get pictures up soon on that.

Lastly, got the old truck fitted with all the window rubbers and weather strips. The window winders and glass has gone in and tray fitted along with the tail-lights.

I will keep in touch, as it is going ahead full steam now. 



01 June 2007 Update

From Shane:

          Here are some more updates of the Chev. I had been working on the doors. They were a bit difficult. The mirrows were throwing it out. The ones they sell must not fit the Aus bodies as well. So I will have to modify them. But I finally got the doors to FIT! What a job!

          The truck is a Chev with a Holden body. It even has the original badge on it stamped Holden. There are three ribs in the roof. Don't have those on the US models. It's a classic old truck and me and the blokes will have a ball in it.

          It's coming together great. I had a rod builder fabricate some patch panels for me for the rusted out parts of the guards and step treads. I cut them out carefully myself using a 1mm cutting disk. I then got a local bloke to weld them in and finish them while the painter I had put the final coat on.

          I bolted everything up myself slowly. It's the only way you will save a quid is to do a lot of the work yourself.

          As I said, the doors took the longest and it was a lot of trial and error to get them to swing and shut. When I get some time, I'll let you know the process but most of it is time and patience -- and that won't be any new news to a 'Bolter.

          I did the wheels with the chrome, etc. to finish the 20" artillery jobs off better. I am going to use this as a daily driver but i'll send more pics in as I get closer.

Shane Walsh

          Walshy! Thanks for the update. I love getting your emails. It's quite a treat sometimes, trying to figure out what you are saying. I need a "cheat-sheet" on Aussie-speak! G'day to you, too mate ~~ Peggy/Editor

21 February 2007 Update

From Shane:

          Doing the restoration on this truck has been a big job. I have found it hard to get some parts. I did post in the forums and they where a great help for advice and pointing me in the right directions for some of the hard to get parts. Then the painter got held up.

          I started on the weekend in early February and drove it down the road. It ran great. I can really get stuck into now as everything is complete including chrome plating.

          I had some stainless steel covers made for the wheel rims. As soon as I finish polishing them, I'll fit them and send pics.

          I have steadily worked on it over the past year. Hence the details while waiting for the cab, etc. I'll keep you posted more regularly now. Things should really get moving on it now.

Shane Walsh

22 March 2005 Update

From Shane:

          G'Day! Walshy from Aussie again. Here are some more pics on the progress made. I am trying to pay attention to as much detail as I can and the fan is to help with our tropical heat here in Cairns.

          The chassis as you can see is near completion. The motor, gearbox and differential have been restored and the frame sandblasted and painted. I am fitting shocks on it to make it ride a bit better. I have completed the gauges with new glass, etc. and they look tops.

          It's still in the painters. It will have maroon guards and a cream body and I am going to go with the dual wheels with plenty of chrome. I also have a new polished wooden floor for it.

          I have managed to obtain a new polished stainless steel grille.

          I will keep you posted. I guessed you couldn't use all the pics but I thought you'd like to have a squiz at them anyway.

         The shed is where it all started and I decided to make it look like an old garage. The old phone and radio still work and most of the tins are ridgy didge and the bowsers set it right off.


Shane Walsh

11 August 2004

From Shane:   

          I purchased my 1936 Chevy truck about 11 months ago from Julatten in the tablelands Nth QLD. It was a beaut and I commenced stripping it down straight away.

          It is presently waiting to be painted and looks great. It was sand blasted and all rust has been removed. New wiring harness, brakes, hand brake cables, door handles, the list goes on and its staying stock.

          My brothers have been a great help along with Pete Leahy and the panel beating is by Shed 28. John Mac lead wiping the works. He has even widened the rear step treads for the dual wheels -- looks great. Allan Maka who has done the superb engineering work on the truck. It has the Holden body with the three ribs in the roof. Even the grease nipples have been replaced with nickel plated jobs.

          Further info later if you like.


Shane Walsh


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