Kevin Wallis'

1948 GMC 1-Ton Flatbed

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18 November 2005

From Kevin:

             Well here is my first GMC truck as it was when I pulled it home. It was only three blocks away. So I tested the brakes on it by pulling it and it actually rolled along quite well. After it was home, it was time to wash the moss off of it. The only thing that stood out on the truck was the lettering on the nose.

             After I washed it, I found slight lettering on the fenders. It looked like it was too faded to really know what it said. I also noticed a long scratch on the door that looked white. So out comes the sand paper in hopes of finding enough lettering to help with the history of the old truck.

             What I found, little by little, was that the lettering wasn't faded -- it was painted over. Before long, the truck had a lot of history showing through.

             I've not had the truck but two weeks and am working on getting it running. Then I'll start to gradually restore it. I'll post pics as I do things to it.

             One great feature is the arm on the driver side with the handle inside.

             Some more pics show that the wood bed seems worse for ware. But, for the most part, there is no part of this truck that's been rusted through. The mice and squirrels thought it was a nice house for a few years.

             Well hope you like the pics. Thanks for posting some of them.

Kevin Wallis
"demo man "
Bolter # 9298
Hayward, California

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