Craig Voris'

1954 Chevy 3100

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07 August 2006
# 1618

From Craig :

           Having lurked on the site now for about six months, I decided it was about time I submitted my truck to the Gallery.

           I have lived in Indianapolis, Indiana for the majority of my life. My father, who passed away last July, was from southeastern Indiana. His Grandfather was a tobacco farmer on a small farm in the same area. In 1954 Great-grandfather "Avery" purchased the 3100 series Chevrolet truck you see in the picture. It is a bare bones vehicle with the only options on the truck being the side spare tire carrier. The drivetrain is the 235 with the 3 speed on the column.

           After my Great-grandfather passed away (1961), the truck was parked in a makeshift open-sided garage on the farm. There it sat until the beginning of 2005 when, after years of talking about getting the truck from his Uncle (still residing on the farm), we were able to get it out of the garage before the garage fell on the truck. It now resides here in Indy where I have began the process of learning about the truck and its inner workings and documenting its mechanicals before I start the long process of restoring it.

           The truck has 28K miles on the odometer and I believe the motor is not locked up. It had the owner's manual still in the glove box.

           It is truly like going back in a time machine through time and seeing what vehicles were like in that era. A true survivor. I hope to make my Great-grandfather and my Father proud with the end result.

Craig Voris
Bolter # 9866
Indianapolis, Indiana

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