Conrad Vogel's

1962 GMC 3/4-Ton 4x4


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July 2000

From Conrad:

          This 1962 3/4-ton 4 x 4 was bought on my 4th wedding anniversary for $400. My wife just rolled her eyes at me when I told her that the traditional 4th anniversary gift was an "old truck" (she seems to do that a lot).


          It runs well with the original 305C engine (even has the original air cleaner). The only rust is in the front fenders and is typical for these trucks.

          The interior is in great shape, as is the engine compartment, neither areas have any rust.

          The 4 wheel drive running gear is in fine shape and works like a charm, and the tires were recently recapped, so it's ready for the hills.


          Conrad's got a few trucks in the Gallery ... TWO 1940 ACKWX 6 x 6 ... a 1948 COE Loadmaster ... a 1961 GMC 1/2-Ton maybe he'll be getting another as an anniverary present -- what do you think? -- Editor

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