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1950 Chevy Pickup

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Leonardtown, Maryland



Owned by Vince Vincenzo
Bolter # 23868
Milan, Italy

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in the DITY Gallery

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01 August 2011 Update
# 2792

More pictures of my old truck
in the Bolt Bucket

From Vince :

I have completed the restore of my old truck. On the 10th of July, under 34 grades, I participated in my first meeting of American old cars. Surprise ... I won the "first prize" for beauty of restore for my 1950 Chevy. Here's a picture of me with the trophy. I'm very happy.

At the meeting (show) there were about 450 old American cars and a lot of people. This static show, "8° Cruisin' Rodeo - 9-10 Luglio 2011," (here's a video from the show) was in Piacenza, Italy.

A real big THANK to some Stovebolt members. Their help made it possible to complete this restore on this side of the ocean.

If you're going to be in Milan in September, here is the best show. [ Click on Foto/Video ] It is called HILLS RACE and it's held ever September, only 50 kilometer from my city, Milan.

Cinzia here -- Vince's wife -- to give you a report on the restoration.

This work took Vincenzo a long time but gave him very big satisfaction!! Now when he passes along streets, he gets a lot of heads turned.

When we received truck from the US, it needed new brakes, new window rubbers, new tyres and we had to re-chrome all parts where possible (front grille, door handles and internal parts). It required a new exhaust tube which was missing. We restored wooden bed scratching and painted it again.

Emergency brake parts were also missing. I bought them from a junkyard in South Dakota together with five original rims. In June I received a new original 1950 seat from another junkyard in South Carolina which is going to be restored and installed.

The engine runs very well but it needs to be repainted and this will be done during next winter.

Life in Milan runs at a pretty fast pace. Perhaps, for this motive, I bought my pickup that runs in 6 / 7 seconds about 13 centimetres, very slowly .

All this has been a big work but a real pleasure, too. A real pleasure is also being in contact with you and Stovebolt members.


Cinzia & Vincenzo


Congratulations on the first prize, Vince! She's a beautiful truck. And for those who may not have seen his thread, Vince's work was not only on the old iron, but some good research on the background of the truck. Read about it in the DITY Gallery. ~ Editor

We also heard from Vince in February 2012. He has a new hobby -- one that's less expensive and easier -- American bicycles. Check out his photos! ! Editor

14 June 2010
# 2792

More pictures of my old truck

From Vince :

I'm Vincenzo from Italy. I purchased this old truck off eBay on January 2010. It was in Ridgeland, Mississippi. The truck runs GREAT! The seller said it was partially restored in Arkansas but he knew nothing else about its history. Now, I'm going to complete its restyling in my country. I'm looking for info about last owner or who restored it.

I'm young in STOVEBOLT but I have already found a lot of answers to my questions.

Here's my big question for you all. Is it possible to find all owners of my 1950 Chevy? This question came about when I found something for me incredible. Working around my '50 Chevy truck, inside a vent for the defrost, I found a Political Adv (see the picture). The card belonged to Mr. Art Rike who was Sheriff in Grand Forks County, North Dakota from 1958 to 1960. I like thinking that my pickup was belonging to him and now my curiosity is at the top!

I have original VIN number and another number impressed on new title made in Mississippi. I don't know if I can try to contact the Mississippi Office for more information about the previous owners.

What do you think?

This is my passion for all is made in USA, born with me 50 years ago. Since two years ago, I was a draftsman and member of Scrimshaw Collector Club of America. Last summer in California, I saw a lot of 1950 Chevy pickup trucks and I was shocked. It's hard to find one with original 6 cylinder, 3 speed. I don't know why often people destroy with changes to the best vehicles.

In Italy there are a lot of lovers of American cars but this is not for all, because of tax and shipping cost. Look this web site (you might want to use this link also, for translations ~ Editor). This is where I need help when I can't rebuilt my truck by myself. I love working around my Chevy. Strange, it is as if I had always done it !!! I'd like to return it to the original conditions, and paint it blue color with white walls.

Here in Italy, frame off '50 Chevy truck can to cost up to US $45,000.

Next summer with my family I will travel from Charlotte NC, to Myrtle Beach SC, crossing Nashville, Memphis, Birmingham, Atlanta.

Best regards,



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