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Cool Old Truck

Loren Van Tilburg's


1-1/2 Ton GMC

08 August  03  

From Loren      

Iím just getting started, but it has been a blast so far.  Iím having a really hard time finding parts but this beast is pretty much all there.

I bought it off a gentleman that was using it at his store front as a billboard if you will.  When I first saw this bad boy, I said to myself ďThat would be a nice truck to have.Ē  Sure enough a couple of months later it had a FOR SALE sign on it.  I have been working on it every weekend and every night since (well almost).

If anyone knows who sells those long stemmed rear view mirrors and hinges please let me know.  Iím also looking for the window crank handle.

Have a Great Day!

Loren Van Tilburg


Curator "Loren - That is a good looking old GMC"

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