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James Van Meter's


3100 Deluxe Cab

15 October  03  

From James

Hello, I'm James Van Meter from Lawrence Kansas.  Here is a 1950 Chevy 3100 that my wife Sandy's Grandfather bought brand new.  The newspaper picture was taken in March of 1976 in Manhattan, Kansas.  The truck has been a home for packrats for about 25 years behind a barn at Sandy's Aunt and Uncle's house.  It all started one day when we were driving around Lawrence and Sandy saw another 50's Chevy on the road and said that is what Grandpa used to drive.  Then she said that it was sitting out behind the barn on her Aunt and Uncle's property.  She called her mom as soon as we got home and asked if it was ok to redo the 50.  Got the go ahead from her family and a month later it was in our driveway.  





It needs allot of work.  Going to change the 216 motor to a 235 out of a 54 Chevy.  Interior of the cab is nothing but rust.  We found a spot where the paint was untouched a nice Maroon I think. It will be a fun 3 years.  That is my goal. The Stovebolt Page will be my savior with all the helpful info. 

Thank you 
James VanMeter (jlv5337 on the forum)

P.S. My mouse is already worn out from surfing on the website. I just love this site.

Curator "James - looks like a diamond in the rough!  Keep us posted on the progress"

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