Steve VandenBerg's

1951 Chevy 5-Window Flatbed

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06 March 2006
# 1461

From Steve:

         Here is my 1951 5-window flatbed. My friend Mark called me up and told me to come and look at this old truck he had for sale. I jumped in the truck and was prepared to tow it home. Mark always has old Stovebolts, and when he calls me to come and take a look at one, I know I better be prepared to make a cash buy or stay home.

         This 1951 came from my home town in Worthington, MN. I used to see it years ago at one of the lumber yards where a previous owner worked. Mark had it running and we could smell the old gas burning out of the exhaust but the truck would idle down really slow. I was surprised by the smell of the old gas that it even started.

         The brakes didnít work and the clutch was stuck, but I loved the patina. It still has the original spare tire hanger under it.


         When I got home in South Dakota and went to get it titled, the gal at the window said that it originally came out of South Dakota. Welcome home Stovebolt.


Steve VandenBerg
Bolter #6449
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

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