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1966 Chevrolet Apache Series Bluebird Bus

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Leonardtown, Maryland



Owned by Gene Vachon
Bolter # 16871
Courtenay, British Columbia

Talking about this truck
in the DITY Gallery

21 September 2009
# 2670

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From Gene :

I acquired this old bus a year and a half ago from my girlfriend. She had purchased it in Terrace British Columbia to use strictly as a moving vehicle. She decided to sell it one day and I asked if she would sell it to me.

Since I took ownership of this old bus, I have completely gutted the vehicle -- walls, insulation, everything. The inside was sanded, grinded, wire brushed -- the works. After everything was very smooth, I applied a coat of Tremclad high gloss rust paint to the floors, walls, and ceilings.

The entire motor was rebuilt with a cost. Going up one of the highest elevations in B.C. the motor blew. She had a 1969 350 4 bolt main in her which ended up blowing a rod in the engine. At the moment, a brand new crate 350 4 bolt main is being installed in her.

Everything is being gone through meticulously inch by inch to restore this bus to showroom value. The plans for the inside consist of modern day technology such as GPS, DVD players in the main dining area and bedroom, top of the line granite countertops, modern day RV shower, cooking appliances, etc. The inside throughout will be all high quality building materials including a small fireplace for off the grid heat. The idea is to go anywhere on the road and be fully independent but yet pull into an RV site and have all the required "to code" electrical and sewage systems, water etc. in place.

The outside will be sandblasted and have a custom paint job put on her. The entire bus will be lifted off the frame and completely restored, along with the frame, all of which is in amazing condition.

Call me picky if ya will ... she's my baby.New tires were just put on the bus along with all new fuel lines, power steering, etc.

I plan on bringing the bus to Daytona 500 in 2016 for her 50th birthday. She's 43 right now going on 44. Everything that is original will be mint and kept in tack, while adding modern day technology to it. It will be a 5-star hotel inside yet have a very classic look.

I cannot find ANY link or a spec of information on this bus so if anyone has information please help. Like Charlton Heston says with his firearms "From my cold dead hands" -- that's how I feel about this bus. She's a lifer. There's something mysterious and unique about this bus. There's great energy inside. I even caught a blue / white spirit on camera inside the bus at one point. Confirmation to me.

I am very proud to be 39 years old and have a bus that's older than me. I joined this site to make sure she stays preserved until she's at least 100 years old.

I trust the folks on this site and will not turn anywhere for advice except to these fine people on Stovebolt. You guys rock ! Cheerz !

This is a big-sized project! Love your passion about this old Chevy bus. Great story, ambitious plan, and contagious enthusiasm. This will be a good one to follow up on the progress. Do keep us posted! ~ J. Lucas, Stovebot Curator


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