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GMC Pickup

12 March  03  

From Mike 

Hey guys,

I have a rare one or at least I don't see many of them.  It's a 1941 GMC half ton pickup with a 235 inline 6.  There are tons of Chevrolets on the net but I haven't seen many GMC's.  

The truck is actually my dad's and he bought it when he was 15 years old in 1969.  I'm 15 now and I'm going to need a car to drive so we are currently in the very very beginning stages of restoration.  

The truck is in pretty rough shape but it's a beauty.  It's got a few rust holes in the fenders but it's a solid truck.  It was a daily driver until about 1987 but it hasn't been run since then.  

The engine is frozen and won't turn but the block is solid.  I hope to make it into a classic.  It's been in the family for a long time and I'll take good care of it.  I'm still having some trouble convincing him to let me drive it. Well, enjoy the pictures.








Curator "Mike - very nice rare pickup your dad has, you are right, it would make an enviable first driver!"

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