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Cool Old Truck


1946 Art Deco 

Suburban and COE

15 May  03  

From Jake,


I am a long time collector of 41-46 chevy trucks I have restored 1- 46 1/2 ton pu, 1-42-1-1/2 ton, 3-46-1-1/2 ton, 1- 1-1/2 COE, 1- 1/2 ton panel truck, 1 Suburban which I still have and am redoing after 15yrs of driving it. I have a web page that I would like to submit that shows most of the trucks I have done. I also have a small wrecking yard of 41-46 trucks at my home 2-1-1/2 ton trucks,2-1/2 ton pu, 2- Suburban carcasses that I have robbed for parts and many assorted parts. 

I have dismantled at least 25 trucks since I started collecting them In 1978. I would like to hear from people of like interests. My page is located at http://home1.gte.net/1jakes/ I don't know if you accept web pages so if not I would like to know if you would. I also did a 46 wrecker which is shown on the web page. I am located in Oregon on hwy 101 near Lakeside, Ore. on the Oregon coast. I have many visitors as I park my trucks along the hwy at the bottom of my driveway for people to enjoy. I really enjoy your web site also. The Art Deco site has my web page listed also. Hope to hear from you. 


Jake's Body & Paint




Curator "Jake - We certainly do accept web pages - thanks for taking the time to put a submission together, nice looking Art Decos you got there!"

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