Bill Turnipseed's

1963 Chevy Short Stepside

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19 March 2007
# 1890

From Bill :

           Here is my recently acquired 1963 Chevy Pickup. I bought it from my future son-in-law. He and his Dad bought it when he was 15 and started on updating it for his daily driver to high school and college. It was originally a 230-six with three speed on the column. It now sports a 350/700R4 combination. It has an under-dash air conditioner which definitely helps in coastal Texas!!

           He drove it daily for about six years and then bought a newer truck. I bought it with the intent of doing a little more "updating" and possibly returning it to him and my daughter in the future. It seems that most of us "car guys" always wish that we still had our first car, and I hope to make this wish come true for him sometime in the future (a long time from now because I'm really enjoying playing with it for now!).

           I have a power steering system that will help with the drivability. I'm saving for a disc brake setup to help with the safety factor. There will be some small rust repairs to take care of (the pictures are several years old, taken soon after the trip to the paint shop). The interior needs some repairs, but it is definitely worth the effort to update.

Bill Turnipseed
Bolter # 13354
Danbury, Texas

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