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Cool Old Truck

Michael Tucker's


Chevrolet 3600

16 March  03  

From Michael    

Hi,  I finally was able to scan a picture of my truck.  It is a '52 3/4 ton.  I bought it from a guy that had it in his garage since '79, but obviously it had a rough life on the farm before that.  The PO had the 216 rebuilt while it sat, but kept the Babbitt bearings--so I might have the motor up for grabs after I find a decent 235 to replace it--  I'm looking for drivability.  I didn't have to spend any nights in the dog house when I bought it, just a couple of times since then when my wife had to dig out her $28,000 van after a snow because my $600 dollar truck was in our single car garage....   

I'm  tucker916 on the stovebolt page., by the way.  Love the site!


Michael Tucker

Curator "Michael - Your wife will appreciate the fact that digging her van out will help her get a healthy workout without the monthly bill from the spa!"

Curator's wife - "WHAT?!?!?  You didn't dig the van out for her?!?!?"

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