Tammie Toney's

1954 GMC 1-Ton Flatbed Rear Dually

"Sweet Louise"

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09 April 2007
# 1910

From Tammie:

           I originally purchased this truck to sell it for for profit. Since then (about a month ago), I have completely fallen in love with this truck and can't stand the thought of selling her. It is a 1954 GMC 1-ton flatbed with rear duals, 248 GMC 6 Cylinder, 4 speed, 90 % stock.

           I came by my find from a friend who was selling her. Well come the end of the day, she was mine. Where he got her? My friend's sister had bought an apricot orchard in Hollister, California. In the barn on this orchard was this truck. My friend owned her for about 15 years. He loved her. His name for her was "Bertha." He did quite a few things to her -- improving not restoring. No restoration was needed. He added stuff like when the tool boxes opened, there's a light for your seeing pleasure. The air conditioning / heater unit I thought came factory (silly me). He installed it and it really looks like it came with the truck stock.

           I removed the seat cover that was on the truck and was so surprised to find this original beautiful seat -- not a flaw ! Can you believe that?

           This truck only has 24,000 original miles on her. Can you believe that?! I would say, with all that truck experience I've got under my belt, ya know -- hahajustkiddin. She's all original -- paint, seat, gauges, motor, rubber floor cover stuff, etc. It has brand new tires all the way around.

           My Dad told me this was the find of a lifetime. I say true that.

           Ok on with my story. I named her "Louise." It was a toss up. I couldn't decide between Thelma or Louise. So I started with Louise and was finding myself always saying "this truck is sweet" so she then became "Sweet Louise."

           I think I should add, while writing this I was smiling the whole time -- not sure why! I am sure of this -- I LOVE THIS TRUCK !

           Thanks Stovebolt for letting me share my story.

Tammie Toney
Bolter # 13809

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