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1951 Chevy Pickup

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17 July 2004

From Jeff:

          I would like your consideration to be a part of your Gallery. I have a 1951 Chevrolet Pick Up project. I have a web site which is currently under construction and is growing weekly. I currently have 3 or 4 pages and as many as 5 more planned showing my projects at various stages.

          The '51 before === >>>

          This was the condition it was in when I purchased this diamond in the rough. As you can see, no rear fenders, brushed paint job (which help preserve it).

After === >>>

         Original motor and drive line, except rearend (87 Blazer). Max speed of about 60 under good conditions. Felt alot safer at 45 to 50.

         In my site, I hope that some can find some useful information. I will be adding more and more information on the pages to follow as time permits.

         A project like this can last for years. When it comes to this stage of almost being complete, it almost saddens me because, well right now, I can't afford to start another one.

Thank you.

Jeffrey Tom

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