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1947 3/4-Ton Chevy

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Leonardtown, Maryland



Owned by Bart Tilton
Bolter # 4290
La Junta, Colorado

Taling about this old truck
in the DITY Gallery

26 February 2007 Update
# 1007

More pictures of my old truck

From Bart :

           I haven't done much work on the truck since 2005 other than the usual oil change. I have been going to school and working part time so I don't really have the time.

           After the blizzard here in Colorado, we worked shoveling out family, neighbors and friends for the first week or so. Therefore I didn't get my pickup dug out for a while. (This is the "before" snow-pack pix!) I sure hated leaving it sit in a snowbank like that.

           When I did get the time to dig a driveway for it, I thought it looked pretty nice siting there with a winter backdrop -- sort of like it was posing for a picture.

           I look forward to spring.

Bart Tilton

           Nice timing, as we just had a nice winter snow storm here on the East Coast. And, Bart's been up to a few things. He had a great submission of Jessi for our 2006 Poster contest ... second highest votes! ~~ Editor

In January 2011, Bart added a 1930 Chevy 1.5-Ton to the Stovebolt Gallery. No snow picture of that one ... yet! Bart added a 1954 GMC 3/4-Ton to the Gallery in July 2013. Three years ago, he gave this 1947 to his daughter when she got married. ~ Editor

10 May 2005

From Bart :

           Here's a new photo of my 1947 Chevy 3/4-Ton. The pretty young lady siting on the fender is my daughter Jessi. She is a also my mechanic. (Truthfully!) The old Stovebolt is running well. I drive it daily.

           I have also sent an alternative gallery submission for my son's truck -- a 1928 Ford Model A. This Model A is the first vehicle restoration my family and I ever did. Jessi and I did most of the work on it and it took us five years to complete. Shortly after we finished, my son Daniel was shipped off to Iraq. I get the pleasure of driving his pickup until he returns for it.

Bart Tilton

01 December 2004

From Bart:

           This is my 1947 Chevrolet 3/4-ton truck. I bought this old pickup three years ago. She came off of a farm in Ordway Colorado. I towed it home expecting to have to rebuild everything. After cleaning the carburetor, I checked the points and the plugs. I cranked her over and she started right up.

           I had to do some body work because of dents. However, the only rust on the truck was a cab corner.

           I have been driving it every day for three years now. I drove it to work every day until the motor developed a knock.

           Now I am in the process of rebuilding the 216 motor. I have painted it and re-installed the bed wood. Every thing but the wiring and the wood are original. The only thing I have upgraded is the tires, and I put a 12-volt system in her. I kept the generator. It just looks better. When I am completely done restoring, her I'll include an updated photo.

           This picture was taken two years ago. I was driving in a parade.

Bart Tilton


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